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Paris to Fans -- I Want to F**k You All!

1/14/2008 8:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In a move sure to edge her closer to a humanitarian award, Paris Hilton gave her philanthropic presence to do some PR for LAX -- via a f**k-filled rant last night in which the heirmess spewed some filthy language from her already dirty mouth.

Britney would be so proud.


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As if anyone actually believes she has changed....give us a break! Only an idiot would believe that she is some philanthropist. Another act for some attention...that video is her true self! Shes a dirty hooker, who thinks of no one but talent ass clown!

2473 days ago

Go away!!    

Cocaine much parisite? For those of you saying she was just having fun, maybe so, but she is showing her lack of breeding and class at the same time. I would say the same about any woman who talks like that, the cursing was way overdone. That said, what an (alleged) dog killing (not alleged, fact) whore

2473 days ago


I think she should go f%#k herself!

2473 days ago

Go away!!    

WOW, what a piece of trash. I wonder how her pr people are going to spin this one. I wonder if they throw up a bit in their mouth having to put a positive spin on this skank. They sure work for their money, I bet they get paid alot.

2473 days ago


We will always have Paris. Might as well get used to it because she's here to stay.
So let Paris have her some fun, she's just working the crowd.

2473 days ago



2473 days ago


Gross!!! She is so rude! And I dont believe for one second that she is actually singing! Bitch can barely talk! She is pure TRASH!!!

2473 days ago


Gee, with a mouth like that I guess she isn't reading the bible anymore.

2473 days ago


i think its an act, maybe not a very polite one, but it's vegas. just earlier today i was thinking about sam "the screamer" kinnison and his foul mouthed routine. i'd bet paris could tell some hellish dirty jokes. she's gettin the crowd fired up for the dj and i guessing its something she's getting paid for. the sound is bleeped so much its hard to tell, but she didn't sound that wasted to me. maybe a little, but her speech didn't seem real rushed or super slurred. and hey! all you hatefull foulmouthed, paris bashers. if there was a chance in hell i could get a date with her, i'd go for it!

2473 days ago

BOEING 787    

How convenient that Paris Hilton, this no class, thirty-six year old looking, drug addict, smoker,
and habitual liar tell us that she wants to f**k us all. We all know that Paris Hilton is the public transportation of sex, it's the equivalent of people not having a car so they take the city bus that
anyone can use for $1.25, and you know the bus is full of weirdos, druggies, people who smell
like BO, alcohol, urine and poo, and people mumbling to themselves, a lot of mental health

So go ahead Paris Hilton, snort that cocaine like you are doing in the picture at LAX, we are all watching and listening, snort in those sorrows about grandpa not giving you any of
his money and how you are going to go poor and will be a spent has-been.

2473 days ago

just wondering    

....u just know she will make a great mom one day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....that is so disgusting to listen too!!...good luck Paris...finding a nice man in his right mind would marry someone like you!!....and it isn't my style to post negative abt anybody!!!!....this is the truth I don't feel guilty.

2473 days ago


OMG she cursed how dare she! Let's hang her immediately *rolls eyes* Please! Give me a break. Are we back in the Victorian era or something? If you're that offended by the F-word (when how can you really be when it's so immersed in our society?) then I just don't know what to say. There's nothing the least bit bad in that video. I love how Paris is picked on for the littlest of things (once thing people are making a mountain out of a molehill when it comes to her) but yet others can do the same and or worse and they're given free passes. What the heck?!

Also she was out having fun. It's not that serious or deep for people to be going all ballistic or trash talking her. Before you go judging her by don't you go take good long look in the mirror. I bet none of you guys are oh so perfect or such sweet, perfect and innocent angels yourselves.

2473 days ago


Drunk skunk.

2473 days ago


I bet grandpa Hilton went and punched his wife square in the stomach for producing 1/2 of the parenting duo that spawned this filthy little cackwhore and her equally dirty semen guzzling sister. After that he hopefully then went and wrote this mutant branch of the Hilton family tree completely out of his will.

Gawd I can't wait to see how she makes a living after grandpas money dries up and she hits the brick wall around 30.
I bet her gash smells of sweaty balls and petrochemical products.

2473 days ago


Hey Ashlee...^...please let us know what bar your going to this weekend so we can get our ticket and get in line.

2473 days ago
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