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TMZ Live Stream -- Back Soon!

1/14/2008 2:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hey folks -- don't worry, we'll bring the live stream back as soon as Britney's comin' round the bend. Yes, she's nearly 'round the bend now, we know, but you know what we mean.
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Stay tuned!


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she deserves to lose her kids - PERIOD! She thinks that going to gas stations and taco bells are more important than her own children for God's sake! She has no heart.
She's bi-polar, big deal, so are millions of others and they deal with it. She has the money to get whatever help and medication she needs and doesn't - her problem.
K-Fed banged her and married her for her money - doesn't take a brainiac to figure that out. But atleast he's stepped up for his children. You don't hear his ex saying anything bad about him. He doesn't drag them out to have a million flashbulbs go off in their faces, he keeps them at home where they should be. And how in the hell is her behavior HIS fault? She dumped him.
She's a horrible mother and she shouldn't even be allowed to have pets let alone children - and I'll bet she gets knocked up by the new greasy boyfriend....gag.

2442 days ago


So much for I'd die for my kids, what a crock

2442 days ago

Jessica SImpson    

Well considering that she killed herself, does it really matter anymore?

2442 days ago

Gray Area    

#72 Butler, Do not drop a bomb like that unless you can cite WHERE and BY WHOM it is "being reported that she killed herself." I suspect that you made that up out of whole cloth. Back it up, or shut up.

2442 days ago


She can't be thrown in jail because she hasn't comitted a crime or been convicted of anything. The can't go get her because it is her choice to show up or not. K-Fed hasn't been there for all of the court dates, but just the important ones. It would have been in her best interest to show up and would show that she actually wants to see her kids, but she's obviously not playing wth a full deck here.

2442 days ago


I cant figure out if i feel sorry for her or if i just think her crazy anticts have gone too far. Now she wont show up to get any kind of visitation rights with her kids...very sad. You know the only reasong though K-Fed wants those kids is for the money. He has two kids with another ex but did you see him trying to get custody of them? No, because Shar Jackson does not make as much as Britney he figured whats the point. Brit's crazy, but for some reason i still hope she gets her act together, come on Brit, show up!

2442 days ago


Just a reminder to those supporters of Brit...those who argue that K-fed is a loser and is to blame for all her downward spiralling. Let's set the record straight shall me...
FIRST. Brit persued him...NOT the other way around. Yes, he strayed from his girlfriend and left her for Brit, not a great thing to do, but many others have done it, adn he still takes care of the kids he had with her.
SECOND: Brit proposed to him....period.
THIRD: she supported him $$ and in his music. She chose to do it. Just as easy to dear, you need ot do this on your own.
FOURTH: SHE LEFT HIM! He didn't "leave her in this downward spiral" she left him. she askled for the divorce. Period.
FIFTH: How the hell can ANYONE be blamed for her behavior except for her. His fault she shave dher head, his fault she left rehab after 1 day? His fault she's slept with numerous other men before and after K-fed who were involved with other women. Grow up Brit fans!! She has serious mental issues adn needs help desparately! These cannot be blamed on K-fed or anyone else! She needs to want to get help,

2442 days ago


Guess Britney won't be arrested after all, accoring to FoxNews now, but she's allegedly waiting for some new furniture from Macy's to be delivered. She has her priorities, y'know.

Posted at 1:58PM on Jan 14th 2008 by Phony To

Ok if your going to tell something at least tell the truth...I have been watching fox news and that has not been said nor are they live streaming like someone else said.

2442 days ago


#71 Since when does Britney listen to anyone?

It very simple. If she loved her kids she would show up, mandatory or not. Period.

2442 days ago


More crap everyday about Brit,I hope this isn't on every station 24/7 like they did over Anna Nicole Smith,these people have choices in life,they make bad ones,and who gets hurt are there kids.If we didn't watch every minute TV would stop following their selfish lives.There are more important things going on daily that we never hear about because of those TRAIN WRECKS.

2442 days ago


77. Just saw an update on Brit on Foxnews!! They say that she hasnt left her house yet, and that there are reports that she is waiting for a furniture delivery!!! Whaaa? Crazy Train hasnt left the station yet!

Posted at 2:05PM on Jan 14th 2008 by Mr. Beerhouse
What a waste of space she is ,couldn't Adnan have waited for the delivery ?
I sure hope they commit her azzzzzzzz ,before Adnan gets his talons in any deeper !

2442 days ago

Colorado Hick    

So all you people that always rag on K-fed & feel sorry for twitney, felling pretty stupid right now aren't ya ! It should be pretty obvious that she doesn't give a crap about her kids.

2442 days ago


Everyone is still bent on her having an alleged mental illness. So she passed a drug test for illegal drugs. That doesn't mean she isn't popping the crap out of her prescription meds. Stars medicine cabinets is what junkies dream of. She is probably loaded to the max on Xanax or other benzos. She has all the classic signs of being loaded on downers. I think she also takes pain pills too. What do you people think her "vitamins" are she was screaming about are?

She would still pass a drug test if what she abuses are her prescription medication. i'm saying she ain't crazy. But she also is abusing something too.

2442 days ago


Let's also net forget, that while this is a very important day for her in court adn it would be in her best interest to show up, she was not required ot show up. Neither she not K-fed were. She has however, spoken volumes to the court of public opinion. She has shown the world what level of importance her kids are to her.

2442 days ago

Lori B    

77. Just saw an update on Brit on Foxnews!! They say that she hasnt left her house yet, and that there are reports that she is waiting for a furniture delivery!!! Whaaa? Crazy Train hasnt left the station yet!

Posted at 2:05PM on Jan 14th 2008 by Mr. Beerhouse


I can confirm that Fox News reported that Britney is waiting on furniture which should be delivered between 9 am and 2 pm.

2442 days ago
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