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Where in the Name of L. Ron is Katie Holmes?

1/14/2008 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Scientolomom Katie Holmes appeared on "Live with Regis and Kelly" this morning, but as anyone who's seen the show will tell you, she looked like anything but Katie Holmes. Oh, Dawson!

Sources who worked with Katie for years tell TMZ that bubble-bobbed Katie is "barely recognizable" as the same person who married Suri's father in 2006, and that she "has completely changed." Indeed, if her spot on "Regis" today is any indication, it looks like she has morphed into some type of Scientolobotomized version of herself. She's "clear" all right -- of her former self! Hopefully, she's getting a lot of mad money!

TMZ also spotted Katie and her first husband at the Carlyle Hotel yesterday with their little princess, expressionless and unnerved by the surrounding pap crush.


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i dont believe for a minute she's happy with that troll. i would kill myself if i were stuck with that control freak...he's a freak in general

2436 days ago


The outfit is hideous but she doesnt seem quite as spacy and cheesetastic as she does in other interviews or with the paparazzi. I loved her in Pieces of April, I wish that Katie would come back!

2436 days ago


She's never coming back--she's brainwashed.

2436 days ago


Could it be she has just grown up. That does happen you know. At least she's not doing a Paris or a Lindsay or God forbid--a Britney! We should applaud maturity and manners instead of berating them!

2436 days ago


She's got a computer chip in her head. She's and android.

2436 days ago


what was ***so odd***.. . that she's not with Dawson anymore?

2436 days ago


OMG - It's Shirley. Where's Laverne?

2436 days ago


I dont understand these attacks. She is so completey classy in this interview. Sure it borders on boring, but I welcome that anyday over the trashiness that is hollywood these days!

2436 days ago


she thinks she is as great as Jackie O. but shes not.......

2436 days ago


How old is she? Why does she want to look 45? She will be 45 soon enough...she doesn't have to try to look like it now!

2436 days ago


I think she doesnt know what to say or do, she is damned either way by all of you nasty critics. I think she is the same, she was never expounding with personality. She was cute this morning and very non controversial. What else can you ask of her at this point? To leave Tom, hand over her daughter and say, " Yes, all you people were correct..." Please.....I just wish people would just STOP....leave them alone.

2436 days ago


Helllo. Planned paid preganancy. Planned paid wedding. Robot wife. Sold her soul, and her career. Doesn't she have to have Tom approve her scripts for her? Does she ask him when it's OK to sign an autograph or speak? Does he run it by the head Scientologist in his church 1st? Wonder when the contract sais she's supposed to be implanted w. the next child.
She was so sweet, and had such a big future ahead of her.
Once, again, welcome to the freak show.

2436 days ago


Scientolobotomized, now that's a great description. lol. Anyone else notice how "Cruise Control" turned on Nicole as soon as she started to get the attention she deserved for her incredible talent? Then he decided Penelope was a little too famous and independent for his purposes, so he hooks up with a young, popular-but-not-too-famous-or-powerful actress. Doesn't anyone else wonder just what it is that he's really hiding? What else can you expect from people who follow a cult started by a science fiction writer?

2436 days ago


She was FABULOUS, you TMZ petty, jealous people. Kelly and Regis choked but that's OK, it's a morning show.

2436 days ago

Oh boy    

I think she looks adorable! She has class and elegance. You ROCK Katie!!!

2436 days ago
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