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PETA to Jamie Lynn -- Pump Those Babies Out!

1/15/2008 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

PETA has outdone itself! Its latest parody pushes spaying and neutering -- using Brit's kid sister as Exhibit A.


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lol. I'd like to know what this has to do with Brit's sister...they didn't even try to make the girl in the commercial look like her...she's just a young kid and that's all PETA's trying to use to get their point across...not some 16 year old pregnant celebrity.

2440 days ago


PETA: ARE YOU FOR REAL? I am a proud vegan now for almost 2 yrs., loving cookng and I belive ALL LIFE I VALUALE; in sparing the life of an animal and NO animal suffering such as the cruelty involved in the dairy industry. To Ingrid: this is a ridiculous and inappropriate commercial. It is an insult to anyone wanting to eat heathier and who cares for animals. I like their magazines and recipes but this goes too far. Friends of is a very ethical and informatve group. Also read This commercial will turn people off who consider animal compasson and a healthier lifestyle. All pecies born should not be deprived of sunshine and freedom to life, not suffering and death. Pigs, fish and chickens/cows are not less valuable than a dog or cat. Cow milk is not natural for humans. Switch to soy .Get rid this commercial, NOW. I am offended by it. GO VEGAN!! Gigi,

2440 days ago


To # 557 JJZ

I apologize if you thought my remarks were aimed at you. They weren't. My remarks were strictly aimed at PETA and I honestly do appreciate you posting the reason why TMZ made the connection between the PETA ad and Jamie Lynn Spears.

2440 days ago


Outrageous, yes. Hilarious, also yes. It's true. People's pets are thier babies and if they dont get them fixed, it's exactly what happends. Shelters are over crowded, there are animals in the streets, people inhumanely distroying unwanted animals, it's all fact. Shocking advertising works! Only TMZ could connect a PSA about spaying and nuetering your pets to the littlest Spears. It would have been a WHOLE other story had they said "Yeah, Jamie-Lynn is doing it!". Things getting slow on the Britney front or something TMZ? You better hope she survives this whole ordeal or you'll have no one else to stalk.

2440 days ago


F p.i.t.a.

2440 days ago

puppymills suck!    

Peta is trying to get the point across that to let your pets reproduce is irresponsible. Just like it would be irresponsible for parents to encourage their 16 yr old to have sex.

I volunteer at animal shelters and have seen people drop off boxes of puppies and kittens that are killed because we have NO MORE ROOM to house them. I encourage those same people to use our FREE spay/neuter clinic and fix their pet, but they tell me no, they want their pets to be able to reproduce. They don't care about the consequences (animals in shelters/dying).

I think it is a good commercial, but I can see how people are confused by it. I got the message right away, but I agree with the spay/neuter message so I knew where they were going with it. The fact that this is getting so much attention is a good thing....spreads the message of the pet overpopulation problem!

2440 days ago


TO HB I doubt Jaime's mom told her or even encouraged her to get out there and have sex. What parent do you know that does that???????

2440 days ago


I feel sad for Jamie Lynn but I wish the whole world would poke fun at her stupid mother until the woman is shown up for the trash she is. She is greedy, exploited both her daughters, and does she even remember she has a son? Her husband divorced her, not the other way around. And since he was supposed to be so bad, she must be the world's worst if a no good like him couldn't stand to live with her. It might be that she drove him to drinking and cheating. At any rate, blame the mother. Jamie's just a kid whose mother let her screw that body and get pregnant to start with.

2440 days ago


Hey, no. 65, her mother let her live with that boy, and sleep with that boy. Lynne spears is a parent that does that. Or rather,m did that. Now she's got a million dollar baby on the way and maybe she didn't plan the pregnancy but she is sure exploiting it!

2440 days ago


Jamie Lynn can afford to take care of her kid. Most teen moms cannot. Pets certainly cannot.

2440 days ago


What does this have to do with Jamie Lynn? Was TMZ that desperate to look for a reason to post this?

2440 days ago


I'm a firm believer in spaying/neuturing too but I just wish PETA would STFU!!

2440 days ago


Come on, people. We are being played by Britney, the Spears family and the tabloids. She and they want lots of clicks and conversations and opinions on Britney, Jamie Lynne, "poor" Lynne and Jamie. I'm done. Britney, her family and the media are trolls. I'm not feeding the trolls anymore - no clicks, no comments - ZERO, NADA, ZIP, NOTHING. This sh_t is so boring, I'm outta here. You can all be chumps they need to keep this crap stirred up for THEIR BENEFIT. Click away, SUCKERS. CIAO.

2440 days ago


I thought that was great!
That is how teen pregnancy is taken these days.
Good job Peta.

2440 days ago


Love THat AD!

2440 days ago
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