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Cindy's Got to Go -- But Where?

1/16/2008 9:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Cindy Crawford took time from her busy schedule this weekend (we guess) to pose for pics with fans -- despite complaining she had to leave. Those Pepsi ads stopped airing a looooong time ago.

Others out in full force were a couple of spoiled rich kids, kooky Ellen Pompeo, a tatted rocker who doesn't do much rocking these days and a big witch.

Sounds like your average night in LaLa Land, or Star Catcher.


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Lenn K.    

She's still a very hot piece of Ass!!

2436 days ago


She looks like crap!!! Of course all these so called stars look like crap without makeup.

2436 days ago


sexy hairy berry! sing along

2436 days ago


What do Cindy Crawford, Ivana Trump, Skankela Anderson and Donatella Versace all have in common?

None of them should be seen in public in a bikini.

2436 days ago


I'm from her hometown and she's never given back ONE THING to this town. She is so CHEAP.

2436 days ago


Anyone who thinks Cindy Crawford is gorgeous doesn't remember what she looked like twenty years ago. She works at it, but it's going fast.

2436 days ago

oh brother    

She's old and haggard looking. She aged pretty fast. A facelift would help her tremendously.

2436 days ago

Olive McBollocks    

3. She looks like crap!!! Of course all these so called stars look like crap without makeup.

Posted at 8:12AM on Jan 16th 2008 by meldad1010

I can't wait to see how hot you look when you're 40.

2436 days ago


FYI, morons at TMZ--Cindy Crawford has two CHILDREN to raise and she has a line of furniture to develop and operate. Does that meet with your approval???

Also, some of you idiotic posters need to get a clue and a life! (Especially I use to love Cindy, Chihuahua, Karen & meldad1010) Aging is a natural part of life to the well adjusted. It is NOT a disease to be warded off with facelifts, tooth veneers, hair weaves, breast implants & Botox. If you take your self worth from your appearance, you will have issues. Treat your body with care but build a life of the mind...

2436 days ago


Wow. Haven't seen Cindy in a while. Agree with #1, she still hot. No
one stays young forever and I think she's aging well. I'll bet my
left foot that some of the people on here calling her ugly and old
are probably even uglier. And will probably be downright fugly when
they hit 40.

2436 days ago


Line of furniture to delop and operate? Where have you been--duh, she just puts her name on it. She's a spokesperson for Wickes Furniture, as Queen Latifa is for Cover Girl. Get a clue!

2436 days ago


Olive McBollocks and Can't believe the morons at TMZ.

What seems to be your problem? Actually, I am 45 and have been told by many people that I look 35. Maybe you 2 are butt ugly like she is now. I see the ugly must stick together. Don't attack me because I voiced my opinion, you're the moron!

2436 days ago


Cindy Crawford still looks good.She certainly was and still is a good role model. We need more like her in the spotlight.

2436 days ago

what ?    

she was the prettiest model ever check out the 87 vogue cover or around that time anyway .. well she still looks great ! yea she looks older but here's some News ~ we are ALL going to get older and this life is a one way ticket so I would really stop critisizing older people cause their old LOL . cause youll be there and so will the young kids that say that about your old butt LOL.

2436 days ago


Cindy Crawford a good role model?

What is she doing hanging out with Pamela Anderson, doing a strip tease on a boat have to do with being a good role model? Sounds the exact opposite to me! If she was a good role model, she would think about who she hangs with and how she behaves in public.

I agree with jerk, I am from the area as well, and have not heard or seen anything she has done for the area. It's all Hollywood, baby, and what they want you to THINK they are.

2436 days ago
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