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As Good as Gold

1/17/2008 4:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 38-year-old former child star resurfaced at an L.A. event last week, looking stunning!
Tracey Gold
After battling anorexia nervosa for years, Tracey was arrested for a DUI in 2004 in which she rolled her car -- sending Tracey, her husband and three children down a freeway embankment. Everyone survived.

Tracey is currently pregnant with her fourth child.


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r u kidding me, this idiot almost killed her whole family. lock her up why should she have another chance of killing someone close to her. its so true that any idiot can have a child. i can't believe it she rolled her car while she was drunk and drove her family around...what was her husband thinking or was he drunk to
WOW what an idiot...........

2431 days ago


I hate drunks, and I hate to defend them. But they're drunk and not responsible to make reasonable desicions. Yes she should have been treated like any other drunk driver and while not responsible to make decisions she still is responsible for her actions. But on the other hand the husband also should have been held accountable for letting her drive. I mean he was actually in the car, if you let a person leave you house and drive drunk you're held accountable as well. Why not him?

2431 days ago


i'd still do her

2431 days ago


We all have things in our past that we are ashamed of. I give her credit for taking responsiblity for her actions and 2nd she learned from them. The sad thing is, the accident that almost killed her family, will always haunt her. She is very lucky to have a family that supports her. I think she looks great for being 38 yrs old.

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2431 days ago


She doesn't look good for 38, but she doesn't look that bad either. I hope she realizes she is that her whole family survived.

2431 days ago


Well, when you're not the one with the news cameras in your face and you're sitting in your home in front of your PC you can just be as beautiful and sexy as you think you are. She looks her age. She has made mistakes, like everyone else has. I dare say she is looking better and doing better than half the people posting comments.

2431 days ago


And I am supposed to care that she drank, drove crashed and survived with husband and children in the car? Well, good for her! How awesome! What a role model mother! Screw her and all celebs who think they are so great and above everything.

2431 days ago

my two cents    

I've always liked Tracy Gold. yes, she made a stupid mistake driving drunk but overall she is a good girl. I hope she has many more children.

2431 days ago


It's been almost four years since this lady had her drunk driving incident. I hope she's gotten the help that she needs. The people calling her vulgar names for it need to give her a break. She didn't do it last night; she did it almost FOUR years ago. She isn't somebody that we see in the news now repeatedly being pulled over, going to jail for being drunk, or out partying like the younger stars every night. I hope she got the help she needed so it doesn't help again and so she isn't harming her unborn child by abusing her body. I'm sure she feels horrible about what happened. I hope that if any of you ever do something really stupid and crushing that people you don't even know aren't calling you names years after it happened.

2431 days ago

Alexandra Rose    

You don't know how stupid it makes you look saying some of those things. I know Tracey, we met a number of times and she is an amazing mother, Everyone makes mistakes and you just gotta worry about yourself.

2400 days ago


why wasn't daddy driving

2376 days ago
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