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Hulking Masses Seen in Beverly Hills

1/17/2008 6:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk Hogan and his fast drivin' and glam celebuspawn were seen walking the streets of Beverly Hills, to the relief of city drivers. The Hulk and daughter Brooke strutted hand in hand, while son Nick, dressed as a Muppet priest, trailed behind. Pray!

Hopefully, Hulk -- who appears to have borrowed Brooke's jeans -- is taking the kids clothes shopping, like a good separated dad. It looks like his fanny pack holds plenty of cash!


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We all have opinions    

I used to watch their show, until I figured out that Hulk is one big by, and he whines about everything. He comes off as a bigbad guy, but he sulks when he doesnt get his way. And he is so jealous of any a that comes around is daughter,because he wants to be young and built like them. He threatens them with bodily harm, and those guys would probably break him in half and hospitalizehim. He needs to act his age and get over his attitude. His wife finally got smart and left his butt and I wish her the best..... If Brooke ever does get famous, she will probaby end up in trouble like the rest of these crazy woman stars. It must be in the water they drink or something.. And Nck doesnt even know what day it is. What great parents uh?
They need to go race people again in their race cars....

2472 days ago


nice fanny pack...Brother!!!

2472 days ago



2472 days ago

What Would Xmas Be Without Warrants Served In Annas Death    

Dad wants a little slice of that pie - not that all those steroids would actually allow him to do anything about it.

2472 days ago

Ya Think    

Jesus. Look at the little incest princess and her daddy. How sweet . Look at her fingers -- they're awful yellow. Marlboro Lights much? As for Nick, he's a waste of human flesh. Hopefully he'll be caught in the crossfire of a California driveby shooting. No loss.

2472 days ago

L.A. Native out of their element in LA!

2472 days ago

Black Teef    

Why isn't that S C U M B A G kid behind bars!?

2472 days ago


JUST IN sounds like "Nik Hogan". I will tell you what JUST IN, people will let a whole lot of things slide, but it is comments like what you said, "THAT BOY KNEW NIK WAS GONNA RACE. HE SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN OUT OF THE CAR BUT HE DIDNT," and "Nik Hogan" has said things like, "he should've put his seat belt on," and "it's just a bump on the head". If JUST IN or "Nik Hogan" don't know what is wrong with that butt-sucking attitude.....well, maybe you both need to spend some time asking GOD to show you why that is wrong, and then when HE reveals that to you, then ask Him to show you how to make it right. Those comments sound like an idiot who has done something unfathomly wrong - and wants to pretend like it is not as bad as it IS. Had Nik said something like, "I have been responsible for something terrible. It was an accident. I did not mean to hurt my friend. I am sorry. The depth of this trauma will haunt me and hurt me for the rest of my life. How can I try to make this right? How can I go on living knowing what I have done?" Were "Nik Hogan" to start thinking like that, and acting like that, he would find mercy and forgiveness. Alas, he is behaving like a wild ass/donkey that cannot be trained to do right. Therefore, he should go to the place where people who cannot learn to do right go........PRISON.

2472 days ago


Wow . I guess JOHN G no longer is important to this family who conciently moved to CALIF. Out of sight out of mind right Bollea family. Look how they walk down the street with out a care in the WORLD. When is Nicky court date..seems like a car crash in late summer should already be looking at a trial..or did the BOLLEA family pay everyone off so they can strut dowb hollyworrd street LIKE US LAW ABIDING PEOPLE...HOLLYWOOD NEEDS TO STOP HIRING TRASH..WE HAD ENOUGH...

2472 days ago


Look its G-Money and the HUB CAPS

2472 days ago



2472 days ago


I wouldn't turn her out for eating crackers in bed

2472 days ago


I find the relationship between Brooke and Hulk very weird and creepy. There's something wrong there, is it me?

2472 days ago


Looks like they're out on a date to me. C-R-E-E-P-Y.

And I can't even begin to describe the mess in black in the back.

2472 days ago


I am sorry but I feel a bit sick to my stomach seeing him holding hands with his 20 year old daughter. I thought she left Florida to get away from Daddy Dearest. Apparently she didn't go far enough. And yes, so much for all their heart felt b.s. for John Graziano and his family. Lies, lies, lies. And yes, John made the choice to get into the car with Nick, that I agree with. But, it still doesn't make Nick any less responsible for his choice to drag race on a public street! He did and he lost control, even though he claimed to be a professional race driver. I tuely hope he is nailed to the wall for this and that his folks are sued for all they can get. But as for "Daddy Dearest", I expect someday we will all find out he had molested Brooke for a very long time. Just you wait and see.

2472 days ago
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