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Lutfi Barges in on Naked, "Stinky" Brit

1/17/2008 1:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's "manager" Sam Lutfi called into On-Air with Ryan Seacrest this morning -- and when he wasn't talking about Brit's mysterious pregnancy test or the possibility of her marrying Adnan, he was busy taking a peek at Spears' nekkid bod.
Britney & Sam: Click to listen
Spears is even heard yelling, "I stink!" in the background. Might be time for the unraveled Brit to get reweaved!


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Party 'till you die!    

Sam Lutfi: My eyes! My eyes! The goggles, they do nothing!

2437 days ago

German duckie    

Is it so much FUN making jokes about an obviously mentally disturbed or ill person such as Britney?

I mean you can laugh at a bipolar person s erratic behaviour für a few times, but for WEEKS and MONTHS on end now? Seems rather cruel to me and tells a lot about our society today.

It s obvious, no one near her really wants to help her, which is a sad thing. I think it s part of such persons mental disease to NOT look for help and I really can t understand why she s not committed unvoluntarily for at least a more close look at her health for some weeks or month in some non-known institution.

2437 days ago


All of you that say "she doesn't say she stinks"....listen to the full interview on Ryan's site....she absolutely DOES say she stinks....

2437 days ago


Did anyone actually listen to the audio? it's good for Britney - Lufit says that "things are back on track" and that she has a lot of meetings, doctor's appointments, etc. and all you people can say is "take a bath" "get a new weave". I think you guys just want her to go downhill so you have somewhere to post your hate everyday. If she truly is sick, then maybe she is finally getting that help, and you should relax on her a bit. it's amazing how so many people would like to see someone fail. it's sad. but of luck to her...

2437 days ago


Looks like Dr, Fill is using psuedonym of Mouse Trap-post #3...I smell a rat....

2437 days ago

just wondering    

...pretty sad that her " manager" is exploiting her like that....shame on u too Ryan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...this whole Brit stuff is just way to bizarre now.....

2437 days ago

montana mike    

this child along with the rest of the world has lost all respect for her. anyone who parades that nasty ass for the public to see has lost any respect for herself that she ever had. come february at the next hearing, there will be no chance the child will ever get any kind of visitation back with her boys. she has dug this hole so deep, she will never be able to get out of it.

2437 days ago

19th Nervous Breakdown    

Why in the hell would you call into a radio show like that? I mean there is explotation and then there is just going out of your way to be an ass. Let her shower in peace. Damn, don't people have better things to do than listen to a sound byte of her talking about her b.o.? I hope so!

2437 days ago


Well I agree her mental problem most likely is not being bi-polar. As stated, that is a condition where you have really high highs and really low lows. There's something else going on here, drugs? A different mental condition? Or she's just plain weird. Who really cares. It's been a year since she shaved off her hair so she really should just take out those horrible weaves and let her natural hair grow out. Those weaves are just horrible, her hair is horrible, her skin is horrible, she always looks dirty now so I'm sure she does stink! hmmmm, bad skin, bad hair, erratic behavior, up all night - to me those are symptoms of drug use. sigh.....

2437 days ago

britney fan in KY    

GEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ leave Britney alone already. No wonder she behaves the way she does in public. She has people chasing her everywhere she goes. The poor girl can't make a move without being stalked, ran after, chased and snuck up on. She's just a girl, doing what most other girls do - only she is a media magnet who can't escape the constant STALKERS. Perhaps she is not the world's best parent. But who who would be in the constant chaotic surrounding you put her in???????

2437 days ago

Britney Spears and Adnan are on the Second Floor of the Beverly hills hotel    

Adnan Galib has 3 Myspace accounts.

2437 days ago

Aussie Mom    

I know Britney craves the media attention that fact is reality. We all know Kevin married her for money and fame and to further his career. Both these guys Lufti and Adnan are doing the same and this pathetic mental case just doesn't or refuses to see it or is just so damn dumb she doesn't get it. All these guys do is prey on her inability to see the truth or accept it. She won't listen to people who realize this and she damn sure shouldn't have another child with either one of them... they would do the exact same as Kevin. Take the kid because she is crazy and make a ton of money off her.... She really does need to be committed so that an professional could use his/her intellectual ability to get through to this idiot whether she is just a plain old spoiled brat or whether she really has mental problems.

2437 days ago

just asking    

what the F*?! Ya'll have already ding dang already reported that britney is in fact suffering from a mental illness. People Magazine has confirmed her bipolar disorder. What kind of F*D up people continue to make disparaging comments calling her crazy, wacky, stinky! Have some respect!! She is sick.
Can you blame her for not wanting to get help? I can see the headlines already :


What a dilemma. Should I just be perceived as crazy? Or should I try to get treatment for my illness so everyone knows without a doubt, that I am crazy?

The truth is, these tabloids would stop making $$$$$ off britney if she sought help for her illness and stopped acting so bizarre. and we, as consumers, deep down dont want her to get better, makes for boring 'entertainment'

2437 days ago

sick of it    


2437 days ago


(1) Plan a day of no Britney stories. Contact all the other celeb sites. She is loving all this attention.
(2) Adnan is getting rough on her, saw alot of arm grabbing . Don't like that.
(3) She refuses to talk to her father and Brother Bryan now.
(4) She hasn't taken her meds for awhile. Adnan tells her she doesn't need them.
(5) She passed her drug tests, but they were only looking for illegal drugs. Not medication which we all know can be very abused and just as addictive. Not counting booze.
(6) She is in the mania of high. no sleep, no eating, grandious. Very sad.
(7) Her own family keeps waiting for a call that she is dead.
(8) She is jealous of all the pregnant and birthing stars in the news. Worried that it will outdo her. She called X-tina's mgr to see if she could come see the baby, which she was told that Chritina would call her back.
(9) Called her friend and talks non stop about Justin.
(10) Is having severe hair problems. Having some baldness in areas. Her hair hasn't grown back very strong since she shaved it off.
(11) Lost her dog the other day and had to send the staff out to hunt for it.
(12) Sam is getting worried about Adnan taking his spot in the pecking order.
(13) Britney is wearing a faux ring. Adnan could't even afford that. And she paid for it heself.

2437 days ago
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