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Pam Parties, Rick Stews

1/21/2008 2:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Freshly unpregnant Pam Anderson spent the weekend partying at Pangaea Nightclub in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Florida, while Rick Salomon had a pity party for one in Sundance.

Pam was in a champagne mood at the joint where Anna Nicole died, where she had the Fillmore Suite, the same type of room where Anna Nicole croaked. Incidentally, Pam's web site is down, possibly because she doesn't want to answer questions about the split -- or her unpregnancy.

Rick, on the other hand, was Mr. Mopey. His buds tell us he's crushed over the breakup and still wants her back.


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Gossip Girl    

I Really love her "hairpiece" attached to the back of her head. You'll notice her black roots, then look towards the back of her head suddenly- a white hairpiece is attached to the back of her head making it look like she has more hair, and volume.

Wouldn't be great if you went to grab her hair and it CAME OFF! somebody's got to try it!!!

2413 days ago


This is the same crap she pulled while (briefly) with Kid Rock. He later went on to state that he now believes she was never pregnant and was only saying so to be manipulative. I do not remember the exact quote made regarding that "pregnancy", but it was something to the effect of Pamela being 'away' and telling him she was pregnant. He made his way (I think she was in Canada shooting a movie), she was drinking and so forth, he confronts her regarding pregnancy/drinking/being a whore (Ok, I could be totally off on that, but he should have brought it up) and then she informed him she wasn't pregnant anymore.

Pamela Anderson makes me ill. I love her reasoning behind marrying Kid Rock----"Don't get married on vacation". Gee, I guess that works for the 'first' of her marriage ceremonies with him, but just what about the other 3 they had after???

She's stated publicly for years that she wants to have a little girl...IF she is having abortions (I still think she's just a big liar), could it be because she has found out the sex of these hypothetical babies were boys.

oh yes, two things I would like to state:
1. I'm not a fan of Kid Rock, it is just that it seems like he was certainly screwed over by this bitch.
2. That movie I think she was in Canada shooting, it was most likely 'direct to video'. I'll bet the sex tape of her and Bret Micheal's sold more copies. (Yes, that is right...the singer of Poison. She's apparently a big fan of sex tapes. I think she has one with Tommy Lee's old bandmate, Vince Neil, as well. Anyway, I am using the one of Bret Michel's because we damn well know that her sex tape with Tommy Lee has probably outsold any and every movie she has appeared in.

2413 days ago


Her lips looked de-plumped...and a helluva lot better. Keep it that way Pam.

2413 days ago


Poor boys Shes a slut!

2413 days ago


what I dont get about these celebrities are...Where the hell are their kids all the time?I mean, have this lady wou marries people for the fun of it,others who parties all night long...and then there are those that you never see a picture of them with their kids.I just dont get it.When do they find the time to be parents?And why are these celebrities allowed to adopt when they cant even be there for their kid cause they are sipping on drinks at almost every night and getting a step-dad for the kiddos for a week at a lady is going nutty just like the rest.

2413 days ago


You can see where the wig ends,and her hair begins. She should make sure the colors match,at least.
All those years of bleaching have probably left her bald.

2413 days ago


Doesn't she have a stylist? Why didn't anybody tell her how ridiculous that partial wig looks? I know that's the least of her problems, but come on.

2413 days ago

The Truth    

Nothing's wrong with her having an abortion if she had one. The crazies that don't believe in it, well, why not? Would you rather that children come into this world as screw ups? Like Charles Manson?


Please think first. PRO CHOICE.


2413 days ago


OMG....what's with the ugly plastic-looking wigs that Pam & Co. are both wearing?!? She can't afford natural looking human hair extensions? Pitiful.

2413 days ago

That explains things!    

Surely, she and the guy next to her [dressed in drag] share hair stylists who specilize in hanky skag loco platinum tracks. Ewweee!!! She is sick and diseased and needs to retire and go back to Canada...for real. Oh yeah! and did I say she a pathalogical liar too!!!

2412 days ago
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