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Brit Wants Therapeutic Visitation

1/22/2008 2:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Britney Spears' lawyers will go to court tomorrow and ask Commissioner Scott Gordon to allow Brit "monitored visitation in a therapeutic setting."

TMZ has learned Brit's family and professionals in her life have been planning a "creative way" to get Britney mental help. As TMZ first reported, Britney has some sort of bipolar disorder. We know the plan is not involuntary commitment -- under the law she's simply not a candidate. It's not voluntarily commitment either -- Brit has refused to do that. The family and professionals have devised a different way of getting her evaluated and hopefully treated.

But there's a rub, which we'll explain in the next post.

The hearing is scheduled for tomorrow at 8:30 AM. Don't know if Brit and K-Fed will show, but it's certainly not out of the question.


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She doesn't need ANY visitation. The kids need some stability and less drama (though it is hard to see how they will get that with their uneducated, worthless father).

2474 days ago

Me in DC    

Hopefully she will go to the hearing. To the paps out there, leave her alone! Don't come running when she calls, let her go to the hearing! You are not helping her any, and as long you continue to not help her, she won't help herself!

2474 days ago


She loves her children so much she SKIPPED OUT ON PARENTING CLASSES ORDERED BY THE COURT? Come on now.

2474 days ago

Susan B    

Britney, please do everything you can to get your children back. These babies belong with their mommy and not with a money grabbing leach like K-Loser.

It is up to you Britney.............You can do it. Do it for your children :-)

2474 days ago


Enough. Why does this freaky chick get sooooo many breaks????? She isn't bi-polar - she is schizophrenic. Haul her fat ass off and get her help. A crazy person doesn't realize they need help.

2474 days ago


This chick has gone partying for nights in a row, flashed her underless self to the world, gone from one loser man to another, and has evaded all court ordered issues.

She is immature, self-centred, and thinks she can do whatever she wants, and eventually start showing up, and all will be forgotten. THAT is immaturity, not psychotic.

She needs a good shot of "growup" already, cause I am tired of reading about her whoring around, drugs, drinking, dramatic issues, and whatever else she does to manipulate.

Is there not anyone more interesting, and talented to write about????

2474 days ago

whatever tha fu*!/rockergirl    

yeah, I guess I'm w/ #5 ! but really,I,ve been waiting 4 brit 2 go wacko again !! and miss a court date !! ya care more about goin 2 a starbucks than spending time w/ kids when u had the chance ? Oh just seems don't know what to do with her life !

2474 days ago


15. Posted at 12:19PM on Jan 22nd 2008 by Debra

Uh, Debra? Britney is the one who didn't finish high school.

2474 days ago

Dawn Day    

Isn't this what they've been trying to do all along????

what? Now she decides to abide by the rules???

Better late than never dumb dumb. Those poor babies. It's usually the Mother that children can depend on always being there and having unconditional love and those poor children of hers can't even have that in their little lives.


2474 days ago


Hopefully she understands its not that big a deal to get some help.

Curious though as to what the rub is - have to wait on TZM for the post I guess. Hope its nothing Brit has a probelm with.

2474 days ago


Quit claiming she is bipolar, TMZ. She's not, and you are gossip bloggers, not psychiatrists.

She has Narcissistic Personality Disorder with histrionic features. She is acting "crazy" to get attention. She is capable of behaving normally; she just doesn't want to. Personality disorders are NOT mental illnesses.

Narcissists ruin their kids' lives. They are too selfish to be parents. This cow does not deserve to ever see her kids again. Quit enabling her behavior.

2474 days ago


At this point the only way she should be able to see the kids is with someone who can watch her, however, that didn't help last time when she kept Jayden locked up in the bathroom. I hate it for her, but if she pulls another stunt like last time, she could lose any chance she has at getting them back, even for visitation.

2474 days ago


Regardless what happens, somebody needs to protect her financial assets she has for her and her kids. It would be a shame to see it all get squandered if and when everything is worked out.

2474 days ago

Funny Answers    

Brittany, just give all your money to K-Fed and his Attorney and the judge in your case. That is what they want, well the judge wants his name all over "Free Press", he must be thinking of running for office. Give them it all, you go into a safe place where ever you feel the safest, and take care of yourself. The trio of men, only want their names in the papers, etc. Guess K-Fed thinks it will get him more shows, etc. sort of like Tom Arnold when, like K-Fed he was part of Roseanne actions, but came out with her money. Thats what he wanted, that is what that low life K-Fed wants. The attorney want his name in the press and the jugde, well he is another story. May the judge, attorney for K-Fed and K-Fed himself get paid back for their actions. And we all know we get paid back some way or somehow.

2474 days ago


I'm with #13
--my thoughts exactly!

2474 days ago
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