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Jack on Heath: "I Warned Him"

1/23/2008 12:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The paparazzi broke the news of Heath Ledger's death to Jack Nicholson in London last night -- and he had an eerie reaction to the news.

The photogs told Jack that Heath overdosed, but right now the evidence is pointing away from a suicide. At a presser today in London, Jack specifically warned the crowd against Ambien, saying he almost drove off a cliff while using the sleep aid. He added that he never knew Heath.


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LMAO! a holes.

2430 days ago


You can't understand a single word Jack Nicholson is saying so why post this inaudible video? If he is responding to the news of Heath Ledgers's death, he seems very cavalier about it, smoking and smiling. Really doesn't seem too broken up about it, but Jack is Whack so matter how you slice it. Guess he's too caught up in being Jack Nicholson to give a crap about anybody else. Heard Jack was pissed they gave the role of The Joker to Heath and not to him again.

As an aside, Heath looks like a total addict with those black lifeless eyes. He probably OD'd on heroin and/or Coke.

2430 days ago

Lady Hadenough    

The guy has had a narcissistic existance since he was in his 20's... What do you expect him to say? Of course he is going to appear unaffected and insert himself in the news some way. I like Jack, but you really have to take him for who and what he is.

2430 days ago


What does Jack Nicholson find so funny? Is death funny to him? He just goes on smoking his stupid cigarette. Amazing. He might just as well have thrown in a burp or fart or just scratch his arse or his testicles while he was at it. He's probably too stoned himself all the time to actually care anyway.

2430 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Knowing the way TMZ works the part you can hear was probably dubbed in from another conversation on another day.

I have just learned that Harvey Levin and Perez Hilton are romantically involved.

2430 days ago


He is saying I warned him, because he obviously knew he had issues with pills, and perhaps taking too many?

2430 days ago


so this is just me making a random guess as to what it meant. He (Jack) played the Joker and might have warned him about how much it will take out of him as a person. I don't know, maybe Jack struggled with some of the same things that Heath did while playing that role. I don't know.....I have absolutely no fact to back up anything.

2430 days ago


Warned him about what?? Drug use?? Why don't you take the cancer stick out of your mouth first Jack!

2430 days ago


Jack's reaction to Heath's death was shocking-he acted like it was a joke. He is a joke,.

2430 days ago


Hey Dumbasses,

He was obviously caught off guard! He made an awkward comment in an awkward situation, surrounded by paps and autograph hounds.

To me it looked as though he was just hit in the stomach.

2430 days ago


I think his his lack of emotion is weird. But I think he was caught off guard by someone asking for his autograph right after he was told about Heath's death. The laughing was about having to smoke outside. Someone asked for an autograph and he told them he was just outside for a smoke. That he normally would sign. I'm sure we'll more from JN about this.

2430 days ago


Every life has value. Our society has become jaded and insensitive. His parents are mourning, you shouldn't say unkind things when you didn't even know him personally.

2430 days ago


The way the question was broached was gross but Jack's response was so utterly creepy - kind of like him.
And then to continue joking and pfaffing around and being so self aggrandizing. Yuck.... I used to think he had some class now he's just a disgusting,crass lecher.........

2430 days ago


Although i love Jack.....what kind of crap was that to say? Heath just died yesterday. I hope he just had a bad reaction.

2430 days ago


If he was taken off guard why not say something like "Wow, I didn't thoughts go out to his friends and family." Not "I warned him....puff puff...haha....smirk smirk" Frankly the guy doesn't give a crap!

2430 days ago
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