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John Mayer Does Hannah Montana

1/23/2008 12:31 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Mayer may be the nicest guy ever. He took his friends' kids to see Miley Cyrus' "Hannah Montana" concert in Vegas over the weekend. Thanks Uncle John!

Next stop -- the circus!


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It was pretty darn mean of TMZ. Not the first time they’ve dogged her and made her look like a slut. They posted about her buying something from Victoria’s Secret. Geesh!

2404 days ago


After the Britney and Lohan fiasco kids need a descent kid to look up to. Thank God it's Miley. She is a very sweet and caring person. Let's just hope she stays that way................With Dad being in the business he should know who to keep her away from......

2404 days ago

Trophy Wife    

#22 - Are you/were you high? I was there too and as I will agree NO ONE will be anywhere in the stratosphere of Clapton, Mayer is able to hold his own up there with those guys and those guys have been playing longer than he has been breathing. I have seen him play at least 5x and he is spectacular live. Radio doesn't do him justice. Any of you reading this that think he's a douche should actually go see him live and you will understand.

22 - You must be one of those that go by who he dates/has his picture taken with than the actual musician he is. How sad. Maybe you will grow up one day to appreciate real music.

2404 days ago


he's a pouffter

2404 days ago


Hey john she's a little to young for you.

2404 days ago

russian spam    

Her body is a Neverland.

2404 days ago


"49. Hey john she's a little to young for you."

*Like Donald Sutherland in Body Snatchers* .... pointing.... screaming... SPAMMER!!!! SMAAAAAAAAAMER!!!!

2404 days ago


Doesn't Miley look like a young "Flo" from Alice? Doesn't she even sound like her?

2404 days ago


John Mayer is a moron!

2404 days ago


hi i am a 10 year old girl and i think tmz is stupid because miley cirus is talented and she does not deserve that stuff u tell about her that is NOT even true she is awesome - she is my idol. she rocks big time.

PS - my mom won't let me type my name grrrrrrr!

2404 days ago


Is his zipper flying low? Not that it means anything. Come on... Heidi Klum, Jessica Simpon, then Miley Cryus. Virgin yes....a wonderland might be questionable. Maybe later, who knows - they did fix her teeth.

2404 days ago

Leezah :]    

Interesting... Miley is already shorter than him and she is scrunching down? Why can't miley be miley, beside being "Hannah Montana"? Hannah looks like a doll, and scares me!!!! Tehehehe... Anyways.. why arehis eyes so deeply withdrawn and his arm/ hands look like they're about to Miley's butt? o.O

2404 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Well, she looks thrilled to get her pic taken with John Mayer. Maybe they're on the same label. As a former musician, would have been happy to have another more seniormusician pay me or my concert notice. Get your heads out of the gutter. Decent musicians do support one another, and he's a great guitarist, and she is impressive for her age; AND she's chaperoned.

2403 days ago



2403 days ago


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2355 days ago
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