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Shanna vs. Paris

Ladies in Hating

1/25/2008 12:47 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Shanna MoaklerShanna Moakler is a big ol' hypocrite -- trash-talking Paris Hilton while blogging about how she doesn't want to be famous for their feud.

Shanna, Miss USA of 1995, writes on her MySpace: "Never in all my life did I ever think having a confrontation with a whore in a club or the complete heartbreaking ups and downs of my marriage which sadly have to play out in front on the public, would take center stage ...

the reality is having a sex tape and letting men piss on you, getting dui's , flashing your crotch and going to jail is apparently today, the image young men and woman strive for to get their foot in the door."

This entry from a woman who put her life on an MTV reality show, posed for Playboy and continues to fan the flames with the Miss Hilton -- even though nobody cares.


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ya'll people are just Paris Haters...the whole feud started when Paris stole Shannas' man and rally didn't want him. Shanna just upset about that. She needs to get a life and take care of her children. At least Paris isn't anyones' mom acting like a child. Shanna is a wannabe celebrity. We wouldn't even know her if it wasn't for Travis Barker. CUTIE PIE. But I digress, Shanna is a hater and she needs to give it up. He doesn't want her anymore and that's that. She needs to leave the situation alone now too. It's old.

2461 days ago


we should take bets on who she is going to set up next.

step1 sex
step2 the set up
step3 child support

professional gold digger she should do a book

2461 days ago

Go away!!    

#29, and Paris is so jealous she resorts to slander and libel. Didn't I read awhile back SHE hit some girl who was at a club with Stavros? You frigging fans (fat gorilla and her mother) always latch on to what they perceive to be favourable about this herpes infected skank and conveniently ignore the bad.

2461 days ago


TMZ is awesome....just keep fanning the flames guyz....Both girlz are publicity whores anyway.....there for everyones entertainment.....keep the claws out, and maybe paris will sell more albums or the OTHER (?) chick will get a new reality series.....TMZ ROCKS

2461 days ago

Know your Sh*t!    

It's just Shanna being a b!tch AGAIN. She has changed her status from 'divorced to single to married back to single' in the last 48 hours. She doesn't want her marriage in the media anymore - maybe she should keep her mouth Shut.

Shanna was rumored to be cheating first. Plus she had a divorce party with a dead mohawked groom cake. Sorry I would go out and sleep with the highest profile slut just to make sure you knew too!

2461 days ago

Go away!!    

Lovie (loopy?) and Paris isn't a wannabe celebrity????

2461 days ago

Great One    

who cares

2461 days ago

Go away!!    

Well if he was looking for the highest profile slut he made a good choice, they don't come any sluttier than Paris.

2461 days ago


I would hardly compare her to Piss Hilton and it looks like TMZ acually cares.

2461 days ago

tired of this crap    

TMZ needs to show all the facts and stop portraying some of the lesser know and not as publicized people as d-list losers and they don't know what they are talking about.

She goes on to critize the media for making a loser like Paris Hilton popular for being a whore instead of people that have actually worked at being credible

Hmm..TMZ is she hitting a little too close to home??

2461 days ago

Go away!!    

piss hilton, love it, going to use it if it's okay with you expichic..........

2461 days ago


I put my money on Shanna, Paris is nothing more than a PIG!

2461 days ago


Didn't Paris have to DROP OUT of the SLOW (i.e., 'I R NOT SO SMART') class in her high school, and never even graduated?

2461 days ago


I have to say...she does make a VERY GOOD point, regardless if shes the one dragging this "fight" out or not. Anyone who punches that douche Paris, has my respect. To bad she didnt beat that skank down, maybe that would teach her something.

2461 days ago


Team shanna, your right paris hilton is a sleeze bag std infested no talent whore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Go shanna!!

2461 days ago
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