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Hillary: Why Is Barack's Bigger than Mine?

1/26/2008 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton spoke at Furman University in South Carolina last week -- but sources say Clinton is pissed because Obama upstaged her -- literally!

On Tuesday, Barack was given access to Furman's 1,400 capacity McAlister Auditorium -- while Clinton made her Thursday speech from the smaller, 500 capacity Younts Conference Center. Apparently, size does matter!

We're told Hillary's people were steamed when they realized that BO had a bigger room -- and complained to the organizers of the events. A call to Clinton's people was not returned.


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Hillary you make me want to throw up I picture yo on that Beach with Bill in your swim suit and I throw up even harder the biel is comming out of me now we can only prey that you get a massive stroke or a massive heart attack before november Please just go away you cant even keep your dog safe and you think you are gonna keep us safe Your dog got killed we can only pray a Heart attack kills you befor November

2426 days ago


How can anyone be so against the clintons?? When BILL was in Office everyone had good jobs, and my stocks skyrocketed and everyone made MONEY!!! Not so now. So he had an affair with a young intern so what!!! We were doing better as a nation and so was my bank account!!! I don't know who I will vote for but I am not so agains the Clinton era.

2426 days ago


Obama has three years in the US Senate, and twelve years in the Illinois Senate. Total 15 years legislative experience. Clinton has eight years in the US Senate. Obama seems to have 7 years more legislative experience than Clinton. I'm sorry, but being First Lady doesn't count, and we're not electing Bill.

2426 days ago

Be kind to animals    

I'm sorry, but doesn't it seem weird that someone who has the name Barack Hussein Obama could be the leader of AMERICA? I'm not racist... it just seems weird. I can just imagine that Osama Bin Laden would be thrilled.

And if you disagree with my comment, don't bother replying with hate messages because I don't read other messages beyond my own post.

2426 days ago


I would rather be in a room with someone who can excite me instead of someone that would only put me to sleep. Obama is a great speaker and Hillary Clinton is awfully boring to listen to. The reason why Obama had a bigger room was probably because more people wante to listen to him. He is a great speaker. Has nothing to do with being black. That to me is hilarious! Hillary is scared that Obama will take the lead and she doesn't want that to happen. Clever inuwendo will eventually hurt her. Obama heritage is Muslim, but he does not practice it. He is very geninue and has a great repoire about him. Saw him on Conan OBrien last night and he was fantastic! Barack Obama will bring our country back to greatness! Obama for President in 2008!!

2426 days ago


I think Barack Obama intimidates those of you who want to keep blacks under your thumb. He is an educated black man who is actually Bi-racial(he has a white mother). He speaks well and he has succeeded in life. He proves to the united states that a black man does have a chance at the white house. He shows the world that blacks can do whatever whites can do. All bakck me are not selling drugs, in jail or on the streets. This is an eduated black man and that is what intimidates some people that he actually knows his stuff and he has a chance to be president. So I say VOTE FOR BARACK!!!!!!!!!!

2426 days ago


Lori, the problem wasn't Bill having an affair (although in private industry that would be considered sexual harrassment). The problem is that a sitting US President lied under oath in a legal proceeding. That is called "perjury". If you or I did that we would be thrown in jail for a few days.

2426 days ago


Isn't it dirt attacks that Hillary has long been symbolized as polarizing, disgraceful, liar...? how pathetic Obama call record checking of his attacks. Hillary stand under lights, soo people can see her clearly. However, Obamas hide in darkness and shoot cunningly.

2426 days ago


47. at least they are not jews

Posted at 11:13AM on Jan 26th 2008 by Dr. Uga Booby Bongo
You not a bit racist are you ?Seems to me your ALOT RACIST .

2426 days ago


remember the three strike rule and you're lock in forever. remember some closet friends die unexplain. remember the intern incident. to much personal things they were dealing with and not enough food or payways for the american people. they were the youngest couple to win election, now they look like the oldest couplet to run again. it a change in 2008 and we the people is claiming it, mothers and fathers that lost sons and daughters in a toy war that the clinton and bush made up on the toy table with toy soldier and use our real young men and women to carry it out. took foodstamps from the children now want to raise foodstamps after half of them die from hungry. made the rich richer and took the middle class away and kept the poor poorer. remember the time everybody was doing fine until the clinton and the bush introduce themselves. I'm for the man with the biggest room with the biggest heart. this is the year everybody that been hurt through the job market, deaths, real-estate, lies and so on get back the peace. This man have never lost a race and I know God chose him to change this mess up country, becasue God heard our prayers.

Love you Obama

2426 days ago






2426 days ago

fame ho    

I am SO SICK of Bill and Hiliary acting like 10 year old little girls fighting . Welcome to the Bill and Hiliary show....2 crying babies over anything that they do not get thier way with ..... vote for Obama for REAL change....

Do we really need this mess after the mess of the last 7 years? no.........elect an ADULT
instead of 2 cry babies.

2426 days ago

kim suck    

You not a bit racist are you ?Seems to me your ALOT RACIST .

Posted at 11:41AM on Jan 26th 2008 by Team ...ahhh whatever ...

i was joking--just sick about how they fight like little kids!

2426 days ago

Cici's starting - the $pay$ off to celebrities for their public endorsements of Obama (Oprah). We must have the most corrupt election laws in the world - ya gotta love America...LOL.

Showbiz is king of public manipulation. Take #1 on the best selling books list - I heard that syndicates of investors will buy up an authors book to make is #1. Same thing with movies - syndicates will buy up tickets to push a movie into the #1 selling movie slot hoping that #1 ranking will make us all wanna go see THAT movie. The telling tale is when in the second week of any release, books and movies, it falls like a rock. We were had. Same thing for politics. All manipulation, hype, BS...s'all I'm sayin'.

2426 days ago


I know this is going to come across as overly simple, but here goes, what will bring about bigger "change" another man in the White House ( black, white whatever, still a man) or having a woman in the white house. Regardless of thier proposed policies ( obviously), science shows that women not only learn and percieve things differently but they react to situations differently as well. Believe it or not women tends to think more with thier heads than they do with thier emotions. I'm curious to see Hillary in the White House, I feel that she is more than qualified and capable of bringing this country around. Also I don't see any problem with Bill, at least he went out on a good note ( economy wise anyway), unlike what seems to be both Bushs'. I will vote for Hillary, Obama is the cry baby and the one that injected race into this race and he also appears to be a sore loser with an anger problem.

2426 days ago
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