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Britney and Sam's Fight Night!

1/29/2008 12:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ was there as Britney and constant companion Sam Lutfi got into what we're told was a huge, "really ugly" blowout.

Britney and Sam drove up to the gate of her house when she suddenly jumped out of the car crying -- why, we're not sure. Britney's paparazzo boyfriend Adnan Ghalib tells TMZ he got a frantic call from a hysterical Brit at that moment, pleading with him, "Baby, can you come pick me up??" Adnan told us he told her to go into her house and he would be right over. When he arrived, however, he was told in no uncertain terms that he was not allowed to enter the gate -- the guards were under strict orders from Sam not to let him in. He tried calling each of her six cell phones and the house phone, but she didn't answer.

The LAPD were called to the scene for what they tell us was a person trying to get access to the grounds without permission. We've learned, however, that they were called to contain the paparazzi crush that was trying to shoot the fight, not for one specific person.

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There are Drama Queens - then there's the TRAUMA QUEEN!!!!

2368 days ago


I smell an intervention coming on, especially with Momma Lynne in town, Somebody please HELP HER!!!!!!

2368 days ago


Is the papparazi out to make a buck that bad. Can they not let the girl alone and have a life. Why dont they go hang around Joan collins house or Wilferd Brimley Im sure they could at least tell a few stories, All you ever see is Britney and flashbulbs, and one of these days someone is going to get killed in an accident trying to get that perfect shot.

2368 days ago


Junkies do the darndest things.

2368 days ago


Britney-Git rid of those 2 slimeballz, and save the drama for your Mama. She's made some mistakes, BUT, she loves you- she's your Mama. You can't trust those clingin' bums. You don't have to surrender your entire mind and heart to your Mama, just lether love you, and let her help you figure out how to get your life back. Forgive and forget-OVERLOOK A FEW THINGS. The most IMPORTANT THING is your relationship with the boys. Don't worry, the world will not forget you, but only have great respect for you, if you stay out of the limelight for a few months, and try to find a way to be a Momma to the boys. Later on, they will find out that you didn't even try. That will REALLY HURT THE BOYS. I know men in their 60's and 70's who still cry because their Mommas didn't fight to see them . My own father-in-law died at 89, crying for his negligent. Even at his age, he was asking

2368 days ago


Hmm. hard to say, but could it be that mama Spears dug up all the dirt she could on Sam and told Brit about it? Maybe she then confronted Sam and he flew into a rage? This is better then any damn soap opera, lol,

2368 days ago


This bitch will be dead by the end of summer, at this rate.

2368 days ago

Ginga Ninja    

WHAT?!! #77 How do you know this? That is disturbing.

2368 days ago


All Paps should be run out of her personal life. All they want is the photo to make money. KFed is also in it for the money. KFed was overheard calling Sean Preston "MONEY BAGS". Those little boys are nothing but cash calves to KFed.
As the 2 Arab paps, one blabs to Barbara Walters, the other one to ET. WTF

2368 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Celebrity's need to hire people to find out who all the magazine editors who feed the paparazzi are. Then hire some one to follow those people 24/7 blocking their path and shoving cameras in their faces with the flashes relentlessly blinding them. My guess is Harvey would be crying foul to the police after the 1st day.
Maybe they celebs could band together and start a temporary gossip mag centering on those people making up stories from nothing Or just hire some one to catch them and pummel them.LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
I bet you can find several trainwreck at TMZ

2368 days ago


Don't cry little Britney, poor baby, she looks so vulnerable. I just want to give her a big hug. I pray she get some sincere people in her life. Most of all I hope things come together for her and she won't be hurt.

2368 days ago


Britney's mom needs to find a way to have Britney trust her, and first thing Lynn needs to do is get rid of this Sam Lutfi guy. He doesn't not seem to help Britney get mentally back on track and back to being healthy.

2368 days ago


Oh boy! MORE fake drama!

Just what the world needs. Screw world peace!

2368 days ago


63. I agree with you.... Have sensed for sometime this Sam Lufti is a major part of her challenges right now. I may be wrong though I think Adnan Ghalib has been reaching out to her family via E.T. recently. Sam Lufti needs to be removed from her inner circle immediately!

2368 days ago


Let's all pray for peace for Brit and all. Please everyone lets go to sleep and have sweet dreams tomorrow. Lets all close our eyes and be ready for the new day. Love to all of you.

2368 days ago
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