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Britney Not Okay with OK!?

1/28/2008 3:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney was in the fishbowl of her life, at a gas station, with an exhaustipated looking Sam Lutfi, who functions as a handy shopping cart to hold Brit's beverages and cigs. Then Brit picked up the OK! magazine with news of her boys on it -- with headers that included: "Britney's Latest Man -- While She Plays Her Sons Cry," "Fears Over Britney's 'Crazy Gene'" and "The Kids' World Without Mommy."

Britney picked up the magazine, looked at the cover for a brief moment, and placed it back in the rack. She has not had visitation with her children for almost a month.


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I really think britney is just another lost star who really needs some help and badly yeah she probalyy does need some help but i know that she cares at least a little bit. its not like she is the worst person alive right now. maybe she needs some people who are EXTREMELY understanding. i used to be a huge fan but i dont think she is very good influence now but i have a feeling she may get better somehow.

2457 days ago

Darth Sidious    

i heard a rumor flin around that limp bizkit andlinin park both want to help get britney back to her old ways but shes in the hospitale now ifyou want a real artist look elsewhere because britney scks at everythin she does shes a pathetic artist a pathetic dancer and a very very very pathetic mother look at iron maiden korn slipknot the insane clown posse an band i menion puts britney spears to shame ad i also heard on tmz thatemnem is dating ms spears as of right now and eminem said that his next album is just gonna be as good as britneys baby one more time

2457 days ago


Lots of people on here that don't believe in bipolar disease and depression.. Do you really think she's emotionally able to care in her condition? That's one of the earmarks of the disease. It's not nearly as simple as you'd all like it to be. It's the same reason she's incapable of seeing how bizarre she's acting. The doctors at Cedars know what they're talking about.

2457 days ago


i think the whole reason of why she is so messed up is because she cant catch a break. Their are plenty of girls in their twenties with children and bigger problems then britt. The only difference between them and her is the fact that every time she messes up, she hears about it for the rest of her life and is bombarded every time she steps out the door by camera's. The poor baby is being driven up the wall by us because our lives or so boring that we have to worry about hers. Just leave her alone. Give her break... or better yet. A chance. because i think with maybe a little support she could get better... were just making her crazy........

and half the people that judge her... arent to much better themselves.

2457 days ago

you all suck    

okay. yeah she's been acting pretty crazy, but still, no one has the right to judge her. she's only human. i feel bad for her.

2457 days ago


I THINK that if the media left her alone and let her have some privacy for a change than maybe she will have a fighting chance to get better . i also think that her current boyfriend is not good for her i think he is after the fame and that he really does not care about her or her kids. britney is a smart woman and given the chance to be able to stop and take a breather and only surround her self with the people who truly do care about her well being , then and only then i think she will finally have a fighting chance.

2457 days ago

Sick of people calling her the victim    

Does she care?

2461 days ago


I saw this video on x17 and its sad............I don't condone her recent behaviors but its still sad that the only contact she has with them is through dirt rags:(

2461 days ago


If you leave her alone, she might rebound enough to get herself some help.

2461 days ago


I dont think she cares or she would have made a huge scene (which most mothers would do if their children were put out there like that!) Shes a joke

2461 days ago


OUCH that had to hurt!

2461 days ago


If she talks about herself in the third person, she must be wondering who those kids are
to some strange lady

2461 days ago

Bob. My name is the same forwards and backwards    

Pathetic, pathetic life.

2461 days ago

Awww, Not This Crap Again!    

The fact that she has to read about herself and her train wreck of a life, and see what her children look like from a magazine, is what's TRULY sad!!!

2461 days ago

i-fed up of fedex    

It's sad. So sad. And the fact that OK made another online article about it stinks..........................

X17 alleges that she was made to put it down by Sam. Oh who knows. It must really hurt...................

2461 days ago
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