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Gandolfini Attacks #1 Fan!

1/29/2008 12:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

James Gandolfini went all Tony Soprano on the so-called #1 Fan in New York this morning -- grabbing him by the collar and threatening him for getting too close.

Gandolfini's attitude quickly changed once outside JFK -- where there were more cameras waiting -- and he tried to make the annoying fan fuggeddaboutit -- by posing for pictures.


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simon lomax    

leave they guy alone he owes you people nothing. if you stalk people like that you deserve a punc h in the face. Why do people want autograhs? what is the significance of that? apart from you being able to sell it on ebay. that makes you a parasite, Stop bothering people just because you see them on tv.

2454 days ago


It seems like this "Ultimate Number 1 Fan" is not a fan. Clearly, this is someone who taunts famous people in order to receive his own 15 minutes of fame. I'm sure he has done this before with other celebrities, and I'm sure this won't be the last time he does this. Clearly this is someone with too much time on his hands.

2454 days ago


How many people, famous or not would like to be hassled after getting off a five or six hour flight? I know I wouldn't. I think Jim could have handled it better though. Any time you touch a person it is considered simple assult. Like others have said James is a very private person and he had his future wife with him. I'm not sure I woudn't be a little pissed off too. Besides that guy was annoying as hell.

2453 days ago

I Know That Guy!    

That guy is not a regular "fan". He is an AUTOGRAPH HOUND who harasses celebs to get autographs so he can SELL THEM! I've seen him go after U2 a few times. SOOOO ANNOYING!

2453 days ago


Too bad James didnt perm put that guy out of commission. I've been an autograph collector for 20 years as a hobby for me & my kids. It used to be fun. Ive seen this guy around many times. He is a seller not a fan and a very annoying person. I was hoping one day he would get whats coming to him. He's cost me numerous times NOT to get an autograph because of his antics. Ive given up the hobby becuase of people like him. I hope celebs like James recognize real fans when they approach him like civil human beings for an autograph. I met him a couple of years ago and he couldnt have been nicer.

2453 days ago

Mafia Tony    

C'mon! Leave Tony alone! He's had a tough year! Christopher died, along with his beloved brother in-law Bobby. Not to mention his number 2 guy Sil was shot up pretty bad. On top of everything else his son went crazy! Tony is just misunderstood! Don't mess with Soprano. That idiot fan should of known better!

2408 days ago

Soprano Fan    

I would hope, that if I had a chance to meet J.G. and tell him how much I enjoyed the show that I could without annoying him.

On the other hand, a real fan would appreciate being grab and put in line by T , I would have felt like a captain in the Bing and being told to go wack someone or else

2449 days ago


Nice one thanks the for the good info!!!!!!!

2448 days ago


He had every right to smash his face. Lets see the footage before the guy gets hit. I bet he kept egging James on. COme on man. TMZ is a bunch of dirtbags!!!

2400 days ago


This kid was my roommate in College...Tony Soprano should have slapped him around a little and then kicked him while he was on the floor....believe me, anyone of you would have done the same

2441 days ago


Thanks for the news

2390 days ago


Wow, why are people defending the "Fan" he was obviously being an ass. I would have done the same thing if someone jumped in my face when I was getting off the plane. Camera guys probably paid him to do that anyway to get some shots, so quit acting like that idiot was some kind of victim

2389 days ago


This guy was so friggen' annoying, he deserved what he got.

2384 days ago


What an idiot! He was a fan not pap you dumb@@@!

2457 days ago

Lenn K.    

Back your A$$ off or face Tony the Terminator!

2457 days ago
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