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"300" Star: This ... Is ... Clubbing!

1/31/2008 9:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gerard Butler is one hot mofo -- pulling chicks and telling off paps outside Goa last night.

His bad ass attitude almost makes up for "P.S. I Love You." Almost.


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The Phaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaantom of the opera is there.....picking up chicks. At least he's not appearing to them in their mirrors.

This is madness.

2458 days ago


Come on people..if he is seen out on the town with men he is tagged "Gay" then when he is seen with women he is a "man whore". He gave up the booze and now the "Lags" don't expect him to become celibate now too! Love you Gerry ; live it up while you can....Rock on!

2456 days ago


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2394 days ago


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2417 days ago


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2458 days ago


Head seems a lil big for barefully becoming famous. If he's been out for a while I apologize....but if someone said to me Gerard Butler.....I wouldnt know what the hell they were talkin bout til they said....dude from 300.

2458 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

Breaking news. The Australian press have just released video footage of Heath Ledger snorting Coke. The biggest buzz the last hour. The rumors about Heath doing drugs were true folks, as sad as that may be!,23739,23137533-5012990,00.html?from=mostpop

2458 days ago


I don't get he just picking up random girls on the street? He's hot, but hell, you'd think he would try to keep the fact that he's a man-whore a secret.

2458 days ago


It is obvious that Gerry is simply too nice to be rude to these girls. They think he is interested and he acts that way, but only mildly, so that they will not be embarrassed by his true lack of interest. Any bets on it being a totally fake number he gave them? He could have any woman on the planet, why would he resort to picking up plump girls from a bar? He wouldnt! PS I Love You was a great movie BTW, as was 300, Dear Frankie and his other films. He is a great actor and a nice, down to earth person. Too nice for Hollywood chicks!

2458 days ago

Just Wondering    

Watch out girls , Gerry is a very sweet guy but I heard he has slept with a lot of women and got a nasty STD once!!!

And this is a true story!!!!!!!!!!

2458 days ago


First I'd slobber on it, then I'd just sit right down on it! AHHHHHHHHHH!

2458 days ago

I smell a good ol fashioned witch hunt    

What makes Gerard Butler so hot is that unlike the majority of actors out there, he's got a college degree. He's actually a qualified attorney in the UK, he just would rather makes buckets of money and get more girls as an actor.
I don't find too many actors that attractive once they open their mouths, but this guy, smokin' hot!

2458 days ago

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