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Chaos Inside UCLA

1/31/2008 2:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources inside UCLA Medical Center tell TMZ Britney checked into the facility using an alias. We will not divulge the name, but what happened inside is bizarre.

Our sources say Britney said she was on Adderall, a stimulant used to treat Attention Deficit Disorder, and was taking up to ten laxatives a day. Side note -- cameras caught Spears a few days ago picking up a bagful of laxatives.

We're also told, when she was admitted, Britney accused her mom of "sleeping with my boyfriend." She wasn't specific on who she was referring to.

We're also told that for a time she was hurling profanities at her parents and staff.


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The Princess    

Wow I can't believe the minute by minute updates. This is truely sick people.

This girl needs help. I don't particularly care for her as I don't approve of how she hooked up with K-Fed (being a married man with children) but now with the obvious medical problems this girl if suffering from don't ya think its time to back off a little?

Its a vicious circle. Britney does something crazy and the media reports it, causing Britney to panic and do something even more crazy. She's obviously suffering from some kind of psychotic break and all the media can do is push and push. They won't be happy until they have video footage of her final moments.

As for all the people who keep making comments about the few zits she has, first off take a close look in the mirror from top to bottom. If your not suffering from some sort of delussions yourself I'm sure that what stares back at you is not even half as good as what Britney sees staring back at her. The girl is still beautiful even with the whole 3 zits that she has. Its called a stress breakout people and it happens to the best of us, especially those who can't even take a poop without 50 paps with cameras standing outside the door while we do it. Although I am concerned over the rapid weight loss Britney has had in the past few weeks and worry over the fact that she was photographed with what appeared to be 180 laxatives. Maybe while she's getting help for her bi-polar issues they can also work on the problem with dieting that she has now, probably as a result of everyone calling her fat after her awards show preformance.

As to all the people screaming about the police escort to the hospital and how much tax-payers dollars it cost. Britney pays f**king taxes like everyone else, as a matter of fact she pays alot more than you food stamp collecting, welfare recipients so STFU..... its her money paying to help her so just suck it up......

I really hope this girl gets the help she so obviously needs in time, although for some reason I don't see this ending pretty at all.

I think she truely loved K-Fed and that our mocking of her relationship and making fun of what a looser he is, was what made her decide to leave him, and now I think she's suffering the consequences. Maybe if her and K-Fed would get back together we'd get the old happy go lucky Britney back. I think it would be worth dealing with that skinny a**, trailer park trash boy if it meant Britney were happy again.

2403 days ago


Hopefully britney is getting help for real this time so she can get back to being a mother first and pop star second

2403 days ago


Interesting, don't know who your sources are for inside the hospital, however, if they are employees, they could lose their jobs for violating HIPPA act. Hopefully Brittany will receive the help she needs including the media leaving her alone for awhile so she can receive help.

2403 days ago


Ten laxatives a day! Wow, it's amazing that she was able to get off the toilet, and in front of your cameras again and again and again.

2403 days ago


Hmm..Note to self, if I need privacy and confidentiality, don't go to UCLA for medical attention!

2403 days ago

kim suck    

33. thats totally normal for someone to freak out and go bezerk during the first few days of commitment. shes not being a spoiled brat shes being bipolar

Posted at 12:36PM on Jan 31st 2008 by bipolarbrit

SHUT UP YOU LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2403 days ago

Dog The Bounty Hunter Sucks    

Bwahhaaahaaa...the ho went from wearing no underpants to wearing Depends. LMFAO

2403 days ago


I really hope they can keep her there...This girl needs help!

2403 days ago

kim suck    

Posted at 12:36PM on Jan 31st 2008 by bipolarbrit

you MAKE ME SICK~!!!!!!

2403 days ago


HIPPA? How is this stuff getting out? How is her personal medical history the public's business? Seems like someone from the Federal Government in charge of HIPPA should be checking this out!

2403 days ago

he got brit the brats pink eyes    

Ah yes this girl needs some home cooking bad....surprised she doesn't know how to cook it herself...but then lookit her mom...don't look like she cooks either...yep bring some good old nutrients in her wasted soul...where oh where is Ms. Paula Deen or the Neelys when you need em?
Don't forget Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras

2403 days ago


Nice to hear she is getting some help, not so happy to see spys are in there listening....not nice tmz

2403 days ago

kim suck    

Posted at 12:36PM on Jan 31st 2008 by bipolarbrit

you MAKE ME SICK!!!!!!!!!!!

2403 days ago


Ok. This all makes sense now. She's not crazy and she is dealing with the side effects of Adderall. It will keep you up as it is a stimulant. It is an Amphetamine. That's why she hasn't slept since Saturday. It also sounds like she wants to lose weight. She is taking the Adderall and the laxatives to lose weight.

Side Effects:
Dryness of the mouth, unpleasant taste, diarrhea, constipation, other gastrointestinal disturbances. Anorexia and weight loss may occur as undesirable effects.

Instead of losing weight, she is acting like she is on crack. IE: Driving around erraticly, laughing one minute, crying the other. What she really needs is to get off of these meds and see a Nutrionist if she wants to lose weight. That means no more fast food.

2403 days ago


Whatever and whomever it takes for her to get help. One would think her parents would want to assist anyone who could convince Britney to get help. Let the professionals do what is best, the parents have obviously screwed up thus far.

2403 days ago
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