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No Dice for Dr. Phil This Time Around

1/31/2008 12:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Phil McGraw says that the Spears family hasn't contacted him after Brit's latest 5150 -- shocker! --, and he says that her second trip to the hospital isn't a surprise.

Still on his tour-of-regret on TV talk shows, Dr. Phil remained uncharacteristically tight-lipped about this morning's action while on "The View," except to say that it "could be a good thing." Then he continued to blather on about how he shouldn't have talked about Britney in the first place.


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Happy To Be Me    

Thank you Sasha, I'm sure no one is reading this post by now, or so I hope. I will say to you that I respect and admire how Dr. Phil has taken all of the hard blows to the left and right chin. While others spew hatred, I prefer to work another way. Many others, spew hatred ignorantly. As for Dr/ Whatever, there seems to be a person grudge going on there. Given what the Doc was given, I think he did a a spectacular job. Anyway, I have news for Verify yourself first, in the subeject line, just write "Verify". I'll be looking for it, and I will check you out. Blessings, Ya'll.

2456 days ago


I do respect others opinions even if they disagree with me, but it is my opinion that Dr. Phil did not want to intentionally hurt Britney and I think even though he wants his show to do well, he doesn't want to hurt people in general. If people choose to go on his show and seek his advice that's on them. I personally think he has some good advice to offer, even though it's not a cure all. I think he even directs some people on the show to psychologists/psychiatrists to seek further help. I think his show is a start. And I think a lot of people realize someone can't be cured in an hour time slot. From my understanding, in Britney's case, guests are allowed to visit Britney or people in her position. It's my opinion that if the hospital's policies are for those guests to be approved by the patient's physician and Britney and the guest is allowed to enter without those approvals, isn't that really the hospital's fault? Dr. Phil said he came upon request of the family, as a family friend, to try and convince her to seek help, not to be her doc. Therefore, to me his advice constitutes as advice from a family friend and doctor/patient ethics codes go out the window. As for the comment he made afterwards, that was not his best judgment which he has admitted. Does that mean he should be crucified? I just think people can be really judgmental, especially without knowing the situation firsthand. I know a lot of firsthand horror stories about everyday psychologists/psychiatrists and their helpless patients. A lot of them are in it for the money and really are a mess themselves. Happy To Be Me, I would love if that really is you and forgive me for being so cynical, but there really are a lot of bad people online and I'm not sure if I can trust that it's you. If it is you, peace to you.

2456 days ago


Good on Dr Phil for speaking up on behalf of Britney. The best friend of any mental illness is silence. Had silence prevailed, she would be in a lot more hot water by now! Well done Dr Phil.

2455 days ago


What a chump.


2458 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

Anyone seen the just relased footage of Heath snorting coke and Talking about how Michelle would kille him if she knew??

Looks like sadly the rumors about Heath were true. The vieo link is below,23739,23137533-5012990,00.html?from=mostpop

2458 days ago


Dr. Phil is such a tool!

btw, that 'alleged' film of Heath is 2 years old

2458 days ago


TMZ, we get that you and some others don't like Dr. Phil, and that is fine and your choice. TMZ exploits Britney more than anyone else. So you shouldn't be talking. Dr. Phil is NOT EXPLOITING Britney during this interview. I watched the WHOLE INTERVIEW which was not only about Britney since he was scheduled to be there just for his show.

REMEMBER, BRITNEY'S PARENTS WERE THE ONES WHO INITIALLY CALLED AND ASKED HIM TO VISIT BRITNEY. As a family friend, he did and then got criticized for it. Regarding the public statement, he explained why he made leave him alone now. He did not exploit the girl, so enough with the Dr. Phil bashing already.

Dr. Phil has EVERY RIGHT to go out to the media to defend his name after all the false speculations out there about him. You would do so too!

Dr. Phil's shows have been very helpful to thousands of people watching and the way the world is going, it's good to have people like him on a show trying to do some good.

Oh, you think Dr. Phil is exploiting Britney? How about Dr. Drew of Celebrity Rehab? He's made comments about Britney in the media. NBC Today Show, Good Morning America, The View, CNN and FOX have all had professionals and media persons talking about Britney. If you are going to criticize Dr. Phil, criticize them too.....and TMZ! You guys are worse than Dr. Phil. Everyday you are posting something about Britney and a lot of it is not nice. So think twice about who really is doing the exploiting.

2458 days ago


Oh pul-LEEEEEEEEZE. When will this guy give up? What a bozo he is for taking up more airtime to keep repeating the same old tired crapola about how he shouldnt have talked. Why do the talk shows even waste time with this guy? This is now a non-story. How many times can he say "I should have kept my mouth shut" ??


He is simply repeating over and over what we knew weeks ago. It's time to drop it.

Please, Phil, do us all a favor and SHUT UP.

2458 days ago


Dr. Phil needs an a$$ beating, he needs to mind his own business and people who actually watch his show need to be deported out of the country!

2458 days ago


Of course he's not exploiting Brithey. It's all about HIM and his career.

2458 days ago


TMZ can post about nothing else besides Britney...I mean every little thing she does. Sites like these are reasons why this world has gone so crazy. But they want to bash Dr. Phil for making a statement? I am not a Dr. Phil fan, but I think it's lame that they do that and how Spears parents reacted to it. They come out of the hospital this time and THEY make a statement after bashing him for doing so?
Why not just one post, she's in the hospital for treatment. Why the obsessive posting? The live feeds? It's insane.

2458 days ago


This man needs to keep his mouth shut about anything regarding Britney. It is not necessary to do his "regret tour" nor does he need to comment on Britney every time something new happens. Plan and simple, he is seeking the media's attention almost as much as Britney does (did?).

Dr. Phil - just go back to doing your crappy television show and say no more about Britney.

2458 days ago


Donovan #9: EXACTLY! I cannot believe all of these BLIND PEOPLE posting on here can't see it. How about TMZ & others exploiting Britney? Why point the finger to just Dr. Phil?? I just don't get it. Dr. Phil didn't ask to be put into the Britney situation. Her parents asked him. Britney's on TMZ's site every single day.

2458 days ago


He got full of himself. Thought he could just get involved and everybody would care what he had to said. Must be humbling to realize that nobody cares what he has to say.

2458 days ago

W T F ?    

TMZ - stop posting about him and maybe he'll stop blabing about her shouldn't have blabed. You are as bad as he is!

2458 days ago
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