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Judge to Sam -- Stay Away from Britney!

2/1/2008 8:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The judge in the hearing today has issued a restraining order against Sam Lutfi -- ordering him to stay away from Britney Spears.

The judge found that Lutfi has been harassing Britney. Thus the civil harassment restraining order.

This will effectively bar Lutfi from going to the hospital.

The restraining order is in effect for 22 days, but court observer and uber-attorney Goldie Schon tells TMZ that Brit's folks could turn it into a permanent order at the end of those 22 days.

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what's with all the visitors!? Don't they pretty much keep you secluded during the 5150 cause you may be a danger?

2464 days ago


I sure hope they keep Adnan away from her. If he has his way, she'll be knocked up and married before the ink on his divorce papers is dry.

2464 days ago


74. What about K-FeD's lawyer asking for $500,000 - HELLO ! Are these California Judges BLind and Dum. The mother wants to get a hold of her asset. Britney is being sued left and right. Its terrible how human nature is soooo sinful and destructive agaisnt other living beings . MONEY IS NOT THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL - IT'S HUMAN NATURE WITHOUT RESPONSIBLITY, ETHICS OR MORALS.

Posted at 6:17PM on Feb 1st 2008 by yvette

What part of conservatorship do you not understand? That is why there is an independant outside party involved. The third party is well versed in making sure that NO-ONE can take financial advantage of Britney while she is under medical care. her conservators will be held accountable for all of there actions, and you can guarantee that it will be scrutinized carefully.
I also question your morals and ethics if you go so far as to presume to be able to speak with any level of authority as to WHY Britneys parents have stepped in to help. You do not know if her mothers sole motivation is money . This is still her child. Presume, assume whatever you may but that still doesn't make you right. It just makes you as ignorant as everyone else.

2464 days ago

Hillbilly Harry    


Sam was the only one fighting for OUR RIGHTS to see her walking around essentially topless all the time!

Maybe he can move on to Miley Ray Cyrus. Hmm...

2464 days ago


Update: So much for reports that Sam’s the only one who can see Britney in the hospital. Sources have confirmed that Brit’s parents now have a restraining order in effect for 22 days against Sam Lutfi. That’s right - Sam cannot go near Britney. He can’t visit her in the hospital, nor can he go to her house (where he’s been staying). I wonder how he’s handling this news. I’m sure he’ll be talking to all the media outlets today to complain about this. Britney’s dad and a lawyer were awarded temporary conservatorship over Brit’s estate today. They’re due back in court February 4 for another hearing.

2464 days ago


Yippie!! Finally!!!!!! What a leech!!

2464 days ago


Yeah, what about ADNAN?? He isn't any better. Trying to get mentally ill Britney pregnant. Silly ass. Maybe thats why brit thinks mama spears is after her man. She kisses up to K-Fed, and Adain? WTF is that about. I hope if she does, there is a pre-nup for sure. Sick of all these people. Brit is going to be pissed..... You Watch.....

2464 days ago


Yes we all care about Britney. Please TMZ, put up some other post not related to the Spears in anyway!!! Throw us a bone..

2464 days ago

Gee wizzzzz    

Well this really is the best darn news I have heard about Britney in a long time. It sounds like this Lawyer that will be handling the financial stuff is more than qualified to do the job. So now she has a good psychiatrist, Sam out of her house and lawyer handling her financial's about time.

2464 days ago


GREAT! Now get over to her house TMZ with live stream so we can see her dad through osama bin lutfi out on the street!!!!

2464 days ago


I would get rid of that ADNIN.Any PRICK that goes on NATIONAL TV broadcast to the World and brags he had SEX with a MANIC person is SICK man.Sam is clearly a hinderence to Britney ATM,but don't write him off she will have him back.

2464 days ago

Lena Madrid    

hello?!!!!! Where is Adnan????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2464 days ago


Thank God her family is FINALLY doing the right thing. I have been wondering why they have not stepped in! It's about time. And the fact that they also wanted an indepedent conservator (the lawyer) proves they only want the best for Britney. Sam's comments about her family prove he is only interested in his own fame and pocketbook. The conservator (the lawyer) has a great reputation as being extremely ethical (my dad knows him.) Maybe this time Britney will get the help she so needs and it will be successful and permanent.

2464 days ago


Thank God! Finally something is going right. He is such a douche bag. Wonder if he's found a new home yet?

2464 days ago

Jen M.    

This is exactly what needed to be done. I applaude Jamie and Lynn. Now they need to do the same thing to Adnan

2464 days ago
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