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Britney's Stay Will Be Extended

2/2/2008 8:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsIt's not a done deal, but expect that sometime tonight, papers will be signed at UCLA extending Britney Spears' stay at the psych ward -- by 14 days.

It's an internal process -- done without a court order. But we're told it will indeed happen, and that's not surprising given her mental health. As we first reported, Britney's been diagnosed with severe bipolar disorder.

The ward Britney is in is considered one of the best in the nation for the treatment she is receiving.


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Brits mom and dad sold her to the entertainment industry where she was exploited and probably passed around like a joint in the she's falling apart....but gee whiz!....who gets to keep the estate? mom and dad! That's what I
call a criminal investment that pays off. Shame on all of them.

2422 days ago


Yes, there are different levels of severity of Bipolar Disorder. There's Bipolar I (most serious), Bipolar II, Cyclothymia (less severe, more of a low-grade cycling). We usually diagnose Bipolar disorder, along w/tsomething specifying the most recent episode: mania (high or agitated state), depression, or mixed (a combination of both). Cycling (b/w states) can be classified as rapid. With someone who requires hospitalization due to psychotic features, mood dysregulation, abnormal thinking, behavior, speech, and who isnt sleeping for days on end, it's usually Bipolar I. Hope this helps. : )

2422 days ago


Yes there are different levels of bipolar. There are rapid cyclers which is what Britney seems to be which is very severe, there are slow cyclers which will go through years of a depression phase then years of mania. There are so many levels to it. I'm married to a psychatrist. Bipolar is very hard to figure out and to medicate and more then likely it will take alot of trial and error to get her on the right combo of meds, 1 single med does not treat bipolar disorder. I really hope that this works out for her and she can get her life right. One thing though, I don't feel anybody needs to take over her estate or her money. Even though she is bipolar and out of control with her beahvior she seems to be able to manage her money. Yes she spends like crazy but I saw a breakdown of her monthly spending and out of $700K a month she spends about $200K, she's doing better then me!

2422 days ago


Yes there are 2 different classifications for Bipolar disorder, mostly just distinguishing if the person is more manic or depressed. Good thing is it is completely treatable and she is in one of the best hospitals in the nation. Hope all goes well for her and the children

2422 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Do you own research, I suggest you find research based on more recent studies. Severe bipolar can mimic schizophrenia. It is NOT schizophrenia. The two are caused by completely different sets of genes and biochemistries. You may work with people who have bipolar but I AM bipolar. Please to dot attempt to tell me about my disease. I do not work in the field but clearly my doctors do. Bipolars in a severe manic state can appear to be schizophrenic but they are not, they are schizo-affected. And schizophrenics can be bipolar-affected. The brain is a very complicated thing but bipolar and schizophrenic are two different diseases which occasionally mimic each other.

Also, you are born bipolar. You do not develop bipolar. What you develop are the symptoms of the disease. Like diabetes, you may show the effects at any time in your life but you are born with the genetic predisposition to the disease.

2422 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Do your own research, I just did some research to prove in my own mind what my psychs had told me.

Sometimes, severe episodes of mania or depression include symptoms of psychosis (or psychotic symptoms). Common psychotic symptoms are hallucinations (hearing, seeing, or otherwise sensing the presence of things not actually there) and delusions (false, strongly held beliefs not influenced by logical reasoning or explained by a person’s usual cultural concepts). Psychotic symptoms in bipolar disorder tend to reflect the extreme mood state at the time. For example, delusions of grandiosity, such as believing one is the President or has special powers or wealth, may occur during mania; delusions of guilt or worthlessness, such as believing that one is ruined and penniless or has committed some terrible crime, may appear during depression. People with bipolar disorder who have these symptoms are sometimes incorrectly diagnosed as having schizophrenia, another severe mental illness.

Sorry to post twice so closely but I needed to get show you the truth.

2422 days ago


Poor Britney... Who would have thought 7,8, 9 years ago that she would end up in a nuthouse .... ewww.....

2421 days ago

smells like Britney Spears    

It's funny how everyone on her is offering their personal opinions but no one has offered up any facts on bipolar disorder--despite the fact that some posters have asked. I believe the first commenter was objecting the notion of severe bipolar saying either she is or isn't. As a type-1 bipolar I know this isn't so. There are different levels of the disease ranging from mild (as with my type) to severe(which obviously Brit has). The disease can occur ith intermitnt or simultaneous symptoms, meaning some ppl will experience it two separate phases, mania and then deppression, and some ppl will suffer from episodes of mixed mania and depression. As far as wheter one is born with or acquires the disease, a bipolar diorder is hereditary so bipolars are born with a predisposition, but symptons don't usually appear until the late teens or early twenties. Bipolar is the same disease that we used to know as "manic - depressive" but that was very recently changed since research and time have revealed that it occurs in more complex forms than just simple mania and depression.

2421 days ago


Yep, gotta blame everything on Bi-polar, gotta make the Judge believe it, thats the goal here..ha ha.

2421 days ago


Bi-polar illness is becoming more and more frequently diagnosed. Many believe it is genetic, some believe there is a genetic component to it and it is brought about by stress. If one of your parents is bi-polar the odds of you showing the symptoms of it are greatly increased. There is no "cure" for it. Different people respond to different medications and some do not respond at all. Talking therapy helps but does not cure it. Bi-polar illness is often seen in conjunction with substance abuse problems. Many famous creative people have suffered from bi-polar illness. Not all people have both "halves" of the illness. Some people swing between manic and depressed and some only have one half of the illness. This is called bi-polar illness, unipolar type. Bi-polar illness often surfaces in young adulthood. Some scientists believe that children who carry the dual diagnosis of oppositional defiant disorder and attention deficit disorder are pre-disposed to developing the illness in adulthood.

2420 days ago

Larry Lee    

I wonder,if Brit didn't have fame or fortune,could she get anyone to take her picture,with out getting arrested.If the answer is no,maybe she should play like she's broke,start having fun,hang with some real caring people,remember this money won't buy you happiness.

2418 days ago


thanks for the interesting news

2394 days ago


thanks for the interesting news

2394 days ago
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