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Britney's Stay Will Be Extended

2/2/2008 8:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsIt's not a done deal, but expect that sometime tonight, papers will be signed at UCLA extending Britney Spears' stay at the psych ward -- by 14 days.

It's an internal process -- done without a court order. But we're told it will indeed happen, and that's not surprising given her mental health. As we first reported, Britney's been diagnosed with severe bipolar disorder.

The ward Britney is in is considered one of the best in the nation for the treatment she is receiving.


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Inspector Gadget    

The 5250 (14 day involuntary hold) can only occur if Britney refuses a voluntary admission and is still gravely disabled. If that happens, then look for a temporary conservatorship early if she is VERY whacked and a temp toward the end of the 14 day if she is a bit less whacked.

KFed should be happy about this since a whacked out Brit could easily be a danger to her kids, which is why she can't see them now. Her career is over but her estate will be there. Given that he is getting $20,000 a month forever, he ought to be happy the estate is being preserved.

Osama and Adnan should have tried to milk a cow that was not about to fall off a cliff.

I confidently predict a new law called "Britney's Law" which increases penalties for defrauding mentally ill persons to a severe felony status.

2391 days ago

zoey doey    

to 16
Britney did break the law and hit and run into another car and ignore court orders and violated court orders and remember Britney fans who are in denial Britney brought the all attention ro herself by playing cat and mouse with the Paparazzi also remember Britney reps and family can pay someone the to keep her drug used a secret and taking laxative and adderall is a drug and Britney does let the Paparazzi know where she goes and no doctor or therapist is allow to discuss their patient medical issues to the media.

2391 days ago


#80 There are many degrees of bipolar, you can be diagnosed with it but not appear crazy like some.

2391 days ago


Brit needs all the positive support she can get from people who truly love her. I personally think all paps should be restrained. The paps have been a contributing factor in this downward spiral. I guess those guys will not get enough until Brit is dead or that she kills someone else during one of her despaeate episodes. What in the hell is it going to take? Death?

2391 days ago

montana mike    

if this is true, then they have just saved her life,

2391 days ago

Pink to the Lee (formerly Pinky Lee)    

You were right TMZ ! Bipolar she is. My dream of her staying in the hospital for a month is still yet to come true but I'm still holding on.....

2391 days ago


She needs this yes.. I feel sorry for her yes... BUT....

I think her environment pulled her into this mess... no childhood... straight into stardom, or whatever you call it...

And constantly watched, idolized, mocked.. ridiculed.. what else can I say.. that would drive any of us to our grave.

Everyone needs to back off.. let her heal.. when she gets out.. back off... let her heal.... give her room.

Encourage, not riducule..not trash.. not rip apart.. build up.. she is a human being.. that obviously needs help, love, care, and left alone by morons!!!!!!!

2391 days ago


Good! The longer they keep her, the safer the public will be without her out on the streets. It's NO JOKE!

2391 days ago


ღGOD BLESS..... ღ
ღGOD GIVES PEACE TO YOU............ ღ
ღAND MUCH WISDOM............................... ღ
ღGOD BE WITH YOU.......................................... ღ
ღMUCH PEACE! MUCH PEACE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ღ

♪ ღ ♪ ღ ♪ ღ ♪ ღ ♪
ღPeace, Prosperity and Passion for you and your boys!!! ღ

2391 days ago


Dear Lynne & Jamie Spears: Hang in there-get rest -eat healthy -pray- be patient-listen to the shrink. We love her,and you too. Millions are praying.

2391 days ago


Everyone who misbehaves has bipolar disorder in this day and age. The medical community and pharmaceutical company will make big bucks off Britney, so they're going to make it sound like she's as sick as can be. What she needs is to get rid of the demons she's attracted by her sleazy and immoral actions.

2391 days ago


I'm sick of reading how people can't seem to see that her ex- manager Sam is the bad guy in all this! He is the only one that has been close to her while she has been spiraling out of control! Remember Ana Nicole Smith and her son Daniel? Remember what happened to both of them? Who was in control of her assets? Howard K. Stern! He was made executor of her will. He married her before she died and he made sure she was drugged up all the time! He probably killed her son,too! He took advantage of her! Sam Lutfi has been taking advantage of Britney Too! Thank God her parents have control, they are trying to save their daughter the best way they know how!

2391 days ago


I wonder when Tom Cruise is going to open his stupid mouth about her mental illness. Maybe she just needs to change her diet and get more exercise.

2391 days ago


I hope they can do her some good in the next two weeks. Her dad is in control of her affairs for now, and he's no prize, but he's a lot better than the alternative. Keep Lufti away from her, he's only looking out for himself. Let's hope this has a happy ending.

2391 days ago


Wouldn't it be nice if Kevin brought the kids to see their mom? She needs some form of hope to get better.

2391 days ago
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