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Theft at Britney's House?

2/2/2008 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears Law enforcement sources tell TMZ a crime report has been filed with the LAPD, alleging someone pilfered "valuable possessions" from Britney Spears' house after she was hospitalized at UCLA.

We're told the conservators filed the report, claiming the alleged theft occurred sometime between the time Britney was admitted to UCLA psych ward and the time the conservatorship papers were signed.

Sam Lutfi has not been named as a suspect, however, he had access to the house, and we know Brit's father, Jamie Spears, a co-conservator, strongly believes Sam has been up to no good.

Lutfi had no immediate comment. first broke the story that possessions were allegedly missing.


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To #23...Kevin should be, and is, while he has custody of the children. But, don't kid yourself for one moment. Kevin Federline wants way more than just child support. This is why his attorney is upset about the conservatorship.

2456 days ago


Brit's sanity has been stolen a long time ago such a dumb white (s)lut. I wonder if they filed a missing report for her sanity and panties?

2456 days ago


Seriously, does anyone know why Britany dislikes her father so much? I read he was an alcoholic at one time? Is that why? Mental illness can run in the family, her grandmother committed suicide - KFED needs to watch those boys - could skip a generation but there are some signs early on and if the boys inherited, not to let it go as long as Britany.
Have the police arrested Adnan for raping a mentally ill person. He should be behind bars by now and riding a bicycle.

2456 days ago


That neighborhood, The Summit, has cameras all over the place, both inside and outside that community.

2456 days ago


the one time Sam has had nothing to say! Unbelievable.

2456 days ago

TMZ is pathetic    

if kfed was a woman everyone would agree she would get child support. even if she sat on her ass & did nothing like kfed. but because he's a man, agreed a loser, but because he's a man people say she shouldn't pay him child support. double standard people

2456 days ago


The Summit. I live in a gated community like that. You have a guard house. But you also have barcodes on your cars. You can drive in rather quickly. They know your cars. It's very easy to gain access to your gated community with proper codes ON your car.

2456 days ago


I doubt there is any truth to this story.

2456 days ago


To #34 No one in court has said Kevin Federline should be denied child support.

2456 days ago


hopefully they took that damn pink now kinda blonde wig she's thinks looks good!!!!!!!!!

2456 days ago

checking facts    

Kfed has already said that Jamie is the very best one to be in charge, Lynne is too easy on Britney and can't say no to her. He is all for it. As for things taken, we all know who did it and also it will be on security cameras and login sheets who was in there. I think Mr. Lutfi is in a world of trouble and he definitely should be. This evil man is going down finally. Jamie will protect his daughter from the next Howard Stern and that goes for the user Adnan also who is now peddling tapes in the UK it's reported. If true, he is out also. Even if not true, we've all see him on ET playing private voicemails. And if you think he didn't get paid for all of that, I have a bridge I want to sell you.

2456 days ago


K-fed is working, he doesn't sit at home.. He may have been a lousy husband but that doesn't mean he's a lousy father. He is doing everything right so I don't understand all the K-fed bashing..

2456 days ago


It's more than obvious who it is! It's only a matter of time before he goes to jail. Listen he admits to taken Brit's verbal abuse and doing whatever she wants him to do! He was her Bitch-Boy! Now he probably knew it was a matter of time before her parents got involved and got him out. So he is out for revenge and to make some money too! He was using Brit the whole time or else he wouldn't have had to steal from her! You don't think the police, psychiatrist, as well as the parents know this! They're her real protectors! Also, to all the people who think that Brit's parents are out to get her money? Think again! Brit had millions when she was 16 years old, don't you think if the parents had wanted to they could have done what MacCauley Caulkin's parents had done to him-Leave him broke at the age of 18! Be real!

2456 days ago


How would her father know the specific valuables stolen - he has been out of her life for a long time.

2456 days ago


#2--KO--you care. Otherwise you wouldn't be reading articles about it and taking the time to write in about it. Get it? you care!!!!

2456 days ago
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