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Ma and Pa Spears Visit Brit's Kids

2/3/2008 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Spears parents made their rounds yesterday, first spending time with Britney at UCLA Medical Center, then last night they drove to K-Fed's house to visit the grandbabies. Mama Spears clearly didn't want any attention as she crouched in the passenger seat to avoid photogs.

This is the most normal the Spears clan has looked in a while -- now that papa is in the driver's seat -- literally!


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Hope you get well...    

Enough with the ears already. Their appearance is not the headline. It's about the kids. Her Parents are just trying to do whats right, and if you are not in tune enough to see that. Oh Well. Kevin, Jamie & Lynne, grab the kids and bring them to see Brit, she needs to see them. Maybe she'll realize why she is needing to get help. For herself, and for her Children. Sanity is a 1st.

2454 days ago


Thank god! the spears are taking control of there daughter and her life
all these losers that have been feeding britney's sickness by telling her bad things about her family hopefully now the dad will be in control and take back britneys life for her
this all went bad when she got involved with same and everyone after him....i feel so sorry for the family and all they had to endure day in and day out watching all this and not being able to help there daughter the end of the day its their daughter and her life at stack not all the paps that follow her around and feed into her sickness making a fool out of her
or sam trying to steal her fortune and adnan selling his story on her back
this girl needs extensive help and now hopefully if the courts uphold all there orders this poor girl can get help!!
once they have her on track and thinking clearly eventually she will lover her family again and be able to see her children
god bless the spears

2454 days ago



Yeah, you can tell by his physical appearance how into money this guy is. I think he’s had ample opportunity to help himself to his daughters’ money (both of them) over the years if that’s all he’s interested in. I like him. He looks like he’s not going to take any crap off of anyone. I wonder how he feels to finally wear the pants in the family, thanks to the courts.

2454 days ago


Man I miss Osama already. Bring Osama back!!!

2454 days ago


Britney's New Guardian

It took what seemed like an interminable amount of time, but Britney Spears finally has a proper guardian.

Thanks to her father, Jamie Spears, Britney is now in the hands of Andrew M. Wallet, a highly respected Los Angeles attorney of the firm Hinojosa & Wallet.

And while the pun about high legal fees and this man’s name is inevitable, Wallet is not of one of the many Hollywood vipers to whom Britney has already written large checks.

Indeed, Britney’s dad did a good job finding Andrew Wallet and getting a restraining order against the sycophants circling around his daughter. Wallet is an expert in conservatorships and guardianships. He’s listed as a member of the State Bar Executive Committee of the Trusts & Estates Section.

The really good news is that Spears Sr. and Wallet intervened before something truly tragic happened to Britney. Now that she’s locked down and out of the headlines, the 24 year old pop star can get some rest and medical attention. Even more importantly, the cat and mouse game she was in with the Los Angeles paparazzi is over.

Here’s the best prescription: get her out of Hollywood as soon as possible.

U2 May Be Next To Leave Record Biz

2454 days ago


My father died two years ago today. I miss him so much. Someday Britney will realize how much it means to have your Dad around.

2454 days ago


There is never pleasing the public is there? One min everyone is crying for her parents to come see her and help her the next min oh they are just there for the money. As someone said before get out and live your life and stop livign through the poor girl.

2454 days ago


DYN-O-MITE JJ. Now who is having a tantrum?

2454 days ago


Lillz: Do you PERSONALLY know Brit's parents ? Have you ever raised a child?? Do you have a daughter who is bi-polar ?? Or are you just naive, uneducated person ?? You are intellectually offensive. Educate yourself as to the causes of bi-polar. (no one really knows), and the effect negativity has on the victims of it . Try to be kinder, please. This is real life...

2454 days ago


i wonder if her parents have talk to kevin about his role in all of this and is his lawyer and him going to continue to charge her 500,000 in fees. i wonder if her dad going to challege the 20,000 until he dies alimony since she was legally mentally ill when she sighned any agrrement with him. her dad need to talk to him about getting a job and help supporting all his four children and stop riding the britney gravy train. i also wonder if kevin is going to apologize publically about that assault him and his lawyer put on britney about drug allegations

2454 days ago

Mary Jane    

Did those two vipers actually take 150 GRAND from Britney???? Or did she have to pay to just have friends because she was that hard to be around??

2454 days ago


Hopey-Joe- Correctomundo King Friday ! Succinctly and TOTALLY correct !!

2454 days ago


Agree with Mary, the courts should have appointed a non-related member of the court to oversee her estate and other affairs.

2454 days ago


I agree nobody seems happy that something is finally being done to help britney ya bitch about this perosn or that person in charge of this and that. Grow up everyone and leave them alone they are human like all the rest of us and they are doing there best we all make mistakes and we live and learn from them .
so shut up live your own life with your own problems and leave this family alone.
they are no different then any other non clebrity family going thru a crisis

2454 days ago


her dad asked for a court appointed lawyer to be involved with her estate so he can prove hes not out to steal her money.hes a recovering drunk,i believe he truley cares .

2454 days ago
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