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Brit's New Lawyer -- A Real Yentl!

2/4/2008 5:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Britney's new lawyer, Adam Streisand, is related to Babs herself, and he's not afraid to name drop!

Adam is Barbra's second cousin, though he's said publicly said they don't speak and that she's a very private person.

But we're told in private, Adam's quite willing to talk about the lineage.

Adam has been brought in by Trope and Trope to challenge Brit's conservatorship -- in particular, the appointment of Brit's dad, Jamie.


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2460 days ago


They need to leave it as is.

2460 days ago



2460 days ago

Oh no you don't. Screw him and Screw Barbra Streisand. I hate that ugly bitch. She needs a nose job and a face lobotomy. Conceited freak she is.

2460 days ago


yea i kinda see a little snozola going like barbara streisand going on...

2460 days ago


If he's willing to talk about "the lineage" then he's a media hound. AND I'm guessing that why this law firm brought him in on the Britney case. Like Britney's case needs more attention. Those lawyers are as sick as the paparrazzi.....only a couple of weeks ago they were all ready to drop Britney as a client. Now they have some sudden change and now care about her. Doubt it! It's all about the money and press.

2460 days ago

Nejxn Barbara sits in the back of the courtroom singing "Send In The Clowns".

2460 days ago


HHM it is just this type that destroyed the respectability of the Practice of Law whilst suing everything that moves and seeking out celebrity

2460 days ago


It seems that Britney is against her father being involved in her affairs. That is not new news. She is mentally ill but that does not mean that she is without rights. I think that an impartial and unrelated person should fill her father's role. More stress and pain is the least thing that she needs right now.

2460 days ago

Mary Jane    

Good. Her dad is a drunk and a liar who looks like he is hung over all the time. Why are his his eyes so nasty and red in all his pictures?? Here is an article from april of 2007. The man claims he never speaks to the press. LIAR.

2460 days ago


NOOOOOOOOO. Dont take control away from the dad. Thats the only chance Brit has of having anything left after all these vultures swoop in for the kill. Her parents love her. Not "Trope and Trope". If they are so concerned for her why arent they insisting she stay in the hospital LONGER

2460 days ago


Yeah, good luck buddy. You're gonna need it!

2460 days ago

think about this *******    

let me see,...

the mother stopped writing the "how to raise difficult daughters",

the father has lived poorly cause even before this, Brit didn't give
him a mansion like Mom who doesn't want to get in middle of this for
fear her daughter will hate her more....

Brits parents, are seemingly best friends with K-fed

T & T almost quit her in the middle of a custody battle

Adnam trying to sell videos of her


2460 days ago

He looks a little like Harvey. I hate fat people too, especially fat people who let their kids get fat.

2460 days ago

team bridget    

i dont understand why shes making such a big deal out of this, they are doing the responsible thing, protecting her assetts while she gets better, she just doesnt see it that way yet, because she is not well . shes in the psych ward, i guess, why should we be surprised the drama hasnt ended. if she doesnt want to get well this is all futile. well, whatever the outcome , everyone kept saying "why arent her parents helping" now they are , and they are still criticized, damned if they do or dont.
i say good job, mama & papa spears.. take the hard line with her, she needs it, and may be the only thing she'll respond to. what a little hardhead she is

2460 days ago
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