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Gisele -- No Tom in Her Pocket

2/5/2008 10:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gisele Bundchen returned to New York last night -- a hero to all New York fans -- for successfully pulling a Jessica "Yoko Romo" Simpson on her guy, Tom Brady.

The supermodel came home last night after the Super Bowl -- sans her favorite gunslinger -- and a total stranger did about as good a job blocking for her as the New England Patriots o-line did for Brady, i.e., not at all.

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From a Cowboy Fan: Brady choked just like Romo did......get your head out of the skirt and play football next time!!! Romo makes me sick now...watching him sing with jessica like he didn't give a crap about how he ended the season..Next season he will probably be with Britney. won't that be fun? No MO ROMO!


2421 days ago


The Pats record is 18-1 nothing can take that away from them.They worked hard and won all of these games you don't have to like them but they are the best football team ever!!!! Facts are facts

Ahem, The Miami Dolphins are the best team ever. They went 17-0 dummy. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

2421 days ago

Dyna ™    

Hey there, its true... 18-1 is impressive, EXCEPT the 1 lose was the one that counted!! Anyway, Eli has dumb face... still the best team won.....

2421 days ago


Go GIANTS! and Gisele ... is also overpaid . So they make the pair. DO ME A FAVOR... do they even talk to each other??? anyone understands her when she speaks english? I SURE DONT . she is cute, but the hottest woman ... NO def. not

2421 days ago


I cannot BELIEVE Gisele made that call not to at least try for a 48 yard field goal in the first half! She really let us down as a coach.

2421 days ago


Ha Ha ha!!!! She just lost her meal ticket.

2421 days ago


Tookie, Romo made the best out of an awkward situation. He was being called a PUSS and I thought he handled it well. Way to go Giants. Eli and the team made New York proud. As far as the touchdown made at 9:11, if thats true, America got a message. God Bless America!

2421 days ago



2421 days ago


Before yesterday, I did not know much or care about the Patriots. Now I hate them and am so glad that the Giants won, even though I'm not really a fan of theirs either. Why? Because everything new I read about Tom Brady and their coach is even worse than what I knew before, which was bad enough. Seriously, if I lived in New England, I would be embarrassed that these creeps represented my area in the NFL.

As for the idea of the girlfriends messing these quarterbacks up, it is total crap! A footfall star doesn't get paid the big bucks to think with his little head, he's supposed to be using his big one. Evidently the poster who made the comment about women being evil has a very tiny head, or there's something else wrong with his penis that make it undesirable to women. If he did have decent male anatomy, he wouldn't be trolling on boards like this.

2421 days ago

isabella gucci    

i think she is overrated as this perfect 10. She is very pretty, but I see real women walking down the streets of new york city that look much hotter. She is fake and I don't like her, but I don't blame her for Brady's loss, I just think it's hysterical that everyone else is!

2421 days ago


#42 you are a silly pats fan. 18-0 means nothing because they could not seal the deal. This will be a forgettable season for everyone else but you pats fans. And as for people putting down Eli Manning - he did a great job breaking that sack in the fourth quarter and threw that ball to Tyree. That was a great play - it saved the SB for them and he deserved MVP in my opinion. I am a steeler fan, but Sunday I was an Eli fan. He did a great job. Better than Brady. He got the ring this year. There are no more arrorgant fans than pats fans, and for anyone who dosn't believes that if the pats won they would not be gloating on blogs are just plain crazy. They are the biggest, nastiest fans around. This win by the Giants shut them up - at least for this year. Maybe next year - maybe not. They have not won a SB in three years. I believe that it is the arrogance of the pats organization AND fans is to why everyone hates the pats. They have an entitlement attitude that turns people off. If you don't want people to hate you - don't be so arrogant. You catch more flys with honey than vinegar.

2421 days ago

get a grip    

Ok moran 17+1= 18 That would make the Pats one game ahead!!!! Are you slow???? My 6 year old is smarter than you!!!

2421 days ago

K. Boxton    

This woman is so not pretty. Is Tommy boy really going to want a woman that thinks she walks on water?

2421 days ago


How is it even remotely her fault that the Patriots lost? They were simply outplayed by the Giants. I don't like her, and I don't like the Pats, but come on now - he was with her all during the perfect regular season.

2421 days ago


to be honest, all american football stars look alike to me.. its either blond and hunky or black and hunky so what?.anyway, this is a sexist thing..why does everybody blame the woman when these guys mess up on the pitch.. or whatever you call the playing field.what where they playing again, football or the game that looks like rugger but isnt.its not her fault leave her alone.!! lay the blame on the arrogant brady who scoffed at a possible giants win on the outset.. god was in control...

2421 days ago
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