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Gisele -- No Tom in Her Pocket

2/5/2008 10:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gisele Bundchen returned to New York last night -- a hero to all New York fans -- for successfully pulling a Jessica "Yoko Romo" Simpson on her guy, Tom Brady.

The supermodel came home last night after the Super Bowl -- sans her favorite gunslinger -- and a total stranger did about as good a job blocking for her as the New England Patriots o-line did for Brady, i.e., not at all.

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58. - do you have any idea how offensive it is to say something like "bastard child"? people on this site amaze me. . . . .

No one is a perfect 10 but the people saying Gisele is ugly are fooling themselves. You know damn well half the women posting on this site would give their left leg to look like her. She isn't paid millions because she's ugly, come on now. Whatever makes you feel better about yourself though I guess.

I thought Tom Brady was a gigantic ass clown before the game for not taking care of his child, but he secured that by walking off the field without even congratulating the other team. Just proof that money can't buy you class.

2422 days ago


Congratulations 1972 Dolphins. Your record is intact. It dosn't matter if the pats won more games, they lost the SB and that is all that matters. I be the pats would trade in that perfect regular season for a SB win. No doubt about it.

2422 days ago


Giants fans seem to be `sore winners`. Unbelievable how cruel and mean spirited you are. Why cannot you just be happy about your team`s victory and leave the losing team alone? Pats had a great season but they couldn`t finish it the way they planned. They have a lesson to learn. End of story. Why don`t you just go and celebrate the winners and move on? Trash talking about the opponent team shouldn`t be part of any victory...

2422 days ago


Hey Dr. Addition, 17+1 = THEY LOST ONE GAME and it was the Superbowl. That equals not a perfect season dummy. Also Moran is spelled MORON you MORON!

2422 days ago


GO GIANTS!! Thank you for keeping Brady on his butt most of the game!! heck yeah!

2422 days ago


To all these pats fans that say that organization is classly. You don't know squat. Brady and Belicheat walked off the field leaving their defense out there by themselves. That WAS horrible. What coach does that. So what he congratulated the other coach. The game was not over. To leave the field with your own plays on it is CLASSLESS! Belicheat could not even say one good thing about the Giants after the game. NOT ONE! Same with Brady. and he laughed at Burress' comment about them only scoring 17 points. Burress was being generous because Brady didn't even get 17 points. Who's laughing now!

2422 days ago



Manning's sure one looker, and a helluva QB. That one throw near the end, where he avoided the sack and launched a rocket perfectly, that was amazing! Big Brother Peyton better watch out next season.

Brett Favre is more manly than that metrosexual Brady ever will be.

2422 days ago


New England cheated and got caught this year and fined for it. They also cheated in Superbowl 36 filming the Rams practice. They are cheaters and I can trash them all I want for that. That is why they lost and they know it. When you cheat it makes you a loser no matter what so that means they were losers since 2002.

2422 days ago


To #68 ---

Your 6 year old is also smarter than YOU.

2422 days ago


I LOVE the Yoko reference!!!! Hats off to TMZ for making me laugh this morning!!!!

2422 days ago


You hate to see NY sports win anything (as they always do) but that game was one where I was pulling for NY. Because the Pats are so despicable.

2422 days ago


noyank, well said!

2422 days ago

Amused Observer    

The Giants played with their hearts, bodies, and souls. They deserved to win

2422 days ago


I love the ass that said my 6 year old is smarter than you , then spelled moron, moran!! Your kid is a helluva lot smarter than you, too!!! hee hee! precious!

2422 days ago

dan k    

All of you laughing at Brady, remember, he will get more top-grade, AA rated-poon this month than you will in your whole life, even after losing the game. So, i would have to say I don't feel sorry for him, he will do alright for life even if he never wins another game

2422 days ago
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