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Baldwin to Brit -- Praise Jebus!

2/6/2008 12:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Bible-thumping, skateboard-wielding Stephen Baldwin has some advice for Britney Spears -- "Give your heart to Jesus!"

TMZ caught the "Bio-Dome" star at LAX yesterday, where he told Spears to surrender to the power of the lord.


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brandon maynard    

TMZ. needs to stop making fun of people like name calling Steve Baldwin. You all are so negative towards people. You are are not perfect either. I have notice, all through your web site on news on celeb. you all make fun of people. Get a life and try to have some manners.

2452 days ago

barbara miller    

Steven Baldwin is right on+++ I used to be a meth addict/ alcoholic and YES our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ raises lost people from the dead. I will pray for all the spoilers who would rather be miserable than born again, joyful, hopeful, happy and content. GOD BLESS YA ALL!!!!!!!! And HE will give his Angels charge over thee, to watch and protect thee in all thy doings!!!!!!!

2452 days ago


Someday you will regret all you've said against God, what you say hurts Him greatly. Deep down you know this is true. But He forgives so think about just apologizing and see where that leads for you....

2452 days ago


Baldwin gave HIS heart to DONALD TRUMP.

2452 days ago


I'm not a religious believer, but it's nice to see Mr. Baldwin sharing his strong faith in such a godless place. Los Angeles? More like Lost Angeles.

2452 days ago


I find it courageous for Mr. Baldwin to talk about his faith in any context. Faith in Hollywood isn't something that is very well respected and is rarely talked about. I myself am a Christian and find it very offensive to see the rude comments here. I have respect for all faiths and the choice not to have a faith. I would never speak about an atheist or the god of another religion in the manner in which people here have spoken about Jesus/God.

2452 days ago


Wow, to those of you going off on Jesus I am so sorry for whatever Christians that have rubbed you the wrong way to the point you would feel this way. You are entitled to believe whatever you want but if you jumped out of a plane saying parachutes are a joke or that the law of gravity doesn't apply, you would find out quickly that you were wrong! Same thing with Jesus. You can spend your whole life denying God and saying He's a figment of imagination, but when it is all said and done do you really want to find out there is a God and that there are consequences for denial? Truely look at Jesus and not Christians. Only Jesus was perfect, and Christians are not. We cannot help but be hypocryts since we are not perfect. Truely we as Christians are at our best when we acknowledge that we are not perfct...just forgiven. We just try to follow the example that Jesus set...That is what we are supposed to do anyways. Stephen's answer was very sweet and not preachy at all. It was just a humble basic answer. He didn't go on a tirade! Is Stephen Baldwin perfect?? No. Has he made mistakes that you could drag out and throw in his face??? I am sure. But what would people find if they followed you around 24/7 and could throw all your faults in your face?? We all mess up and are less than what God want's for us. That is why Jesus came to be the sacrifice so we can get to heaven. I know it is easier to dismiss Jesus all together and just think it's nonsense. But ask yourselves one question. What if it's true? I would just do some searching. I encourage you all to search for real answers. Not surface level. Really search. It's not something I would take lightly because like I said...What if you are wrong..... I wonder if TMZ will remove this post. They sure sem to be more offended by any talk of integrity than foul nasty degrading comments. We will see. Have a blessed day to all who take the time to read this...whether you agree with me or not!

2452 days ago


Britney needs to find Jesus? First of all, Jesus isn't lost! Secondly, Mr. Baldwin needs to pray long and hard for his own brother Alec who suffers from lack of "anger managment"toward his little girl. Third, Anna Nicole believed in Jesus and He didn't save her from her "demons".

2452 days ago

Oh Grasshopper    

Why waste time making fun of someone for believing in Jesus? It's reckless. Most people want to believe that there's something else after this life. I'm completely disappointed in TMZ over this. I have enjoyed tuning in to TMZ on TV and reading the gossip online, but I didn't want to see this. Stephen Baldwin is at least trying to improve people's lives. What has TMZ done for anyone? And they make fun of Stephen Baldwin. APOLOGIZE! Admit that you wrote the by-line on this one without thinking, and admit that you stooped to the lowest common denominator.

2452 days ago


That's sounds a lot better than the other guys she's given her heart to.

2452 days ago


you all are a bunch of sad, religophobic egomaniacs. sorry that for some the belief in a power other than your sparkling personality and credit card is so OFFENSIVE to you. at least i know i am happy. and don't rely on the fickle material world for my piece of mind at the end of the day.

jesus died so we could ride!

proud supporter of baldwin's skateboarding league.

2452 days ago


hahaha, riled up christians.

2452 days ago


i just gained much respect for baldwin.. that is the soundest advice and the only thing that will truely work.

2452 days ago


Why even bother defending your religious affiliation against posters on a celebrity BLOG site? That baldwin looks a bit homosexual - perhaps that's why he loves jesus so much. Hanging there looking all buff and handsome... sweat glistening from his firm flesh. I look up to him, peek under his loincloth and say, "uh, I thought he was jewish..."

2452 days ago


Yay Stephen! I'm so proud of you for standing up for our Dear Lord & Savior Jesus Christ. As for all you poor souls who talk bad about Jesus, He loves you, and will forgive you.
Then said Jesus, Father, forcive them; for they know not what they do. Luke 23:34
And yes, Jesus can heal Britney
O LORD my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast healed me. Psalms 30:2

2452 days ago
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