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Brace Yourself for Jeff Conaway

2/6/2008 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Celebrity Rehab" patient Jeff Conaway -- Kenickie from "Grease" -- showed up to the Ivy yesterday looking a hot mess -- his entire chest a monstrosity of braces.

Conaway, who snapped a bone in his spine while lifting boxes last year, told TMZ he's had four back surgeries since -- and may even be going in for another. Getting hooked on the painkillers is no longer a problem for the former rehab resident ... he says his dosages are fully supervised.


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Standards are badly needed.    

The more you rehabilitate your spine and upper body, the less the pain is. The less the pain is, the more you feel able to do. (vacuuming, gardening, raking, chores.) The more you do, the stronger you get, and the less the pain is. You do this long enough, and you will stabilize at the new place, and voila, pain cycle almost completely gone, pretty much for good, except for periods of renewed resistance training when you've gotten lazy.

2459 days ago

Black Teef    

He's faking it.

2459 days ago

San Diego Kelly    

He certainly does look and sound better. What a nightmare childhood this poor guy had. Too bad he didn't get good help sooner. I agree with the others about the girlfriend - very suspicious of her intentions. Hopefully we are all wrong and she is sincere in her caring for him. Ok, I'm a dreamer! Best of luck to the guy!

2459 days ago


He is definitely walking much better and talking coherently! I wish him the best.

2459 days ago


He looks a hell of a lot better now than he did the first episode of Celebrity Rehab

2459 days ago


I feel for him, at least he's not in the wheelchair anymore. I hope he get's well.

2459 days ago


I have a total off 6 bulging discs in my neck and back one of which is herniated. The pain is unbelievable. Somehow I am able to work forty hours a week and do not take any meds for pain. Wait, oh yeah, I'm just some schmuck living from paycheck to paycheck and don't have the money to pay doctors to hook me up. He's such a loser. GET A LIFE. QUIT WEARING BRACES TO MAKE PEOPLE FEEL SORRY FOR YOU>

2459 days ago


I love that guy. All he has been through and all the work he did on Celebrity Rehab paid off. I am so glad he is no longer hooked although I don't like his g/f. Still, kudos to Jeff for finally beating his demons.I am sorry that he is in pain but yet he is walking and that is more than he did in rehab!

Keep up the good work, Jeff!!

2459 days ago


Best of luck to you Kenickie

2459 days ago

Conway Fan    

Nick Conway was then and will always be a cutie!!

2459 days ago

Husker Bob    

Maybe RL Hubbard (sp) was on to something.

2459 days ago


I think he looks great. Thank god he's out and about town again, brace or not. Yes, the girl friends gotta go, if she didn't already.

2459 days ago


Yeahhhhh! Way to go Jeff!!

2459 days ago


I am glad to see that he is out again and not just stuck staying at home- it shows that he is feeling alot better and he is able to walk and not be stuck in his chair- I was shocked to see him on the Rehab show and relaize what his life became. Wishing him the best of luck to live a better life!!!!!!!!!!!!

2459 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

There's no way he's faking it. You can simply look at his pic here and see that his entire upper body musculature has atrophied (disappeared) from lack of use due to days of pain when you do try to do anything physical. It's a chronic pain cycle; it hurts to do anything, so you become even more feeble, and the pain increases. You have to reverse it by working hard through it, once the docs give you the OK.

2459 days ago
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