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Britney and Adnan Visit Her Lawyer

2/6/2008 10:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsFresh from a quick jaunt to the Beverly Hills Hotel, Britney and Adnan drove to the L.A. offices of lawyer Adam Streisand.

When TMZ called Streisand's office, we were directed to the marketing department. Huh?

Streisand went to court earlier this week to have Jamie and Andrew Wallet removed as her conservators, but was shut down when he couldn't prove he had been retained by Britney.


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This is like a never-ending story (or only until she is dead)... What does she think that she can do with the Streisand dude...

Her father is still the temp conservator for her affairs isn't he??.

2448 days ago

too sad    


2448 days ago


Her parents should get a divorce from her and let her live her life the way she wants and just walk away from her crazy ass.

2448 days ago


How stupid could Brit's psychiatrist be that she let Brit out so early? If she spent a couple of days being detoxed--there just hasn't been enough time for her to get stabilized at all on medication(s) after detox.

It's just crazy. Does this mean that they'd have to do a 5150 again to get her hospitalized? It's obvious that she's off and running in a manic state. She must've really conned them at UCLA. Too bad.

Isn't Lutfi a friend of her business manager? And now she wants her business manager to be her conservator??

Double crazy. What a shame.

2448 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

God bless? Nope, cursed!
God protects you? Can't protect evil people who ask for it!
God illuminates you? Not when you're dumb as a rock and act like a dirt clod!
God gives peace to you? She's a farcking self made typhoon of psychosis!
And much wisdom? She never had it and makes the exact opposite of wise choices!
Much peace? She is cursed and will never find peace because she only loves herself!
No Peace! No Harmony, No Happiness, No Clue, No empathy!Only a Hellish Life!
Only Disharmony, Greed, and lust for you while you put your kids in DANGER!
Hate and Contempt for Brit!
Now I think I'll print this everytime I see that nut above me drops her crap! Happy now BITCH!

2448 days ago

rockin' johnny    

A fool and her money are soon parted.

Britney is a mental patient who can barely feed herself. How can she possibly make informed decisions about her money? If she somehow gets control over her money, Adnan and the other schnorrers she has chosen to surround herself with will continue to take everything that's not nailed down.

2448 days ago


At least she has sense enough to go to her attorney's office and her snapping photos of the paparazzi is only proof that she is sane. Just because she has a mood disorder and/or bi-polar doesn't mean she's stupid... She was smart enough to make millions off of cheezy pop songs and movies.

2448 days ago


Well, it is frighteningly apparent that Britney does not want to get better. She had the opportunity to stay in the hospital and receive treatment. She had the opportunity to go home, lay low and receive treatment. Her first order of business was to dress up like an idiot and drive around town - as per her daily routine. At first I was like everyone else, I kind of got a charge out of her antics, then when it appeared as though she was truly mentally ill and needed help, I thought the whole situation was just sad. Now, seeing that she truly, without reservation, does not want her children in any way, shape or form - I feel like she deserves whatever she gets. She's not interested in anyone or anything but Britney.

2448 days ago


What kind of health care system do you have in California? Her stay was extended to two weeks on Monday, and today it is Wednesday (two days later) and she is out. Something does not add up. What did she pay off the psychiatrist in the hospital to let her out. Was she in that bad of need for a fix of paparazzi? I can't believe the way the justice system and the health care system in California work.

2448 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

It won't be long now! We are standing right behind her! Waiting......Patiently.

2448 days ago

Biker 1957    

Probably the most humiliating thing that can happen to an adult is, to be legally declared as incompetant and have a conservator appointed to handle your affairs. If it happened to me, I'd be utterly devatated, but it's just another day for 'Brit...

2448 days ago


sam was drugging her thats why she was acting crazy check this out.....

2448 days ago


You know what? I refuse to be negative about this. i went to my church class and it just seems that so many people are in attack mode, depressed mode, or just plain anger mode. I ended up praying for Britney and her family. I prayed that God would carry her right now and heal her mind. I also prayed that her parents would have the wisdom to guide her through this. It's been a little over a year now since her spiral started even though it seems like much longer.

I'm not usually a person to talk about praying, but I really feel like it's something I need to get out there. I don't know why I care about her but I do. I care that she could be so much more and she's just throwing it away.

I also don't buy the bi-polar problem. I think she had a celebrity meltdown (you know, constant paps, put on a pedestal, constantly questioned as a parent, etc) that has been misdiagnosed and now she's taking medication that she doesn't need and it's messing her up worse. A little dose of reality is what she needs in my opinion. That and a lot of prayer.

2448 days ago


I think #13--Stan---said it all and said it best. The only thing I want to add is how sorry I feel that those precious little boys have Britney for a mother.

2448 days ago


Its pretty sad when you put someone in the psych ward and they get released with no help or change, what a waste of time! This girl need's to be put away for a long period of time (at least a year), I dont think it should matter that the Dr's dont think she is a threat to herself or other's, she is obviously mentally disturbed!! And the sad thing is that people like Adnan and Osama "Sam" Lufti are using her for their own personal gain and 15 minutes of fame. I feel bad for even watching this train wreck...our society is so messed up..ughh! I hope this girl gets away from these users and abusers and gets some serious help!

2448 days ago
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