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Feds Want to Know How Heath Got His Meds

2/6/2008 5:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The feds are trying to figure out how Heath Ledger got all the prescriptions for the dangerous combination of painkillers and sedatives that led to his accidental overdose.

TV Guide reports that the Drug Enforcement Administration has launched an investigation into how Ledger got prescriptions, if in fact they were prescriptions. According to officials, the DEA has requested copies of Ledger's autopsy as well as the original police report from the crime scene. The NYC medical examiner said this morning that he found the cause of death to be a lethal array of opiates and benzodiazepines; oxycodone, hydrocodone, diazepam, temazepam, alprazolam and doxylamine.

The NYPD has not indicated whether the bottles of medication found at Ledger's apartment, which include some of the drugs found in his body, were specifically prescribed to Ledger.

TMZ spoke to three clinical psychiatrists today, all of whom said it would be "highly unusual" and "reckless" for one physician to prescribe this combination of meds, and suggested that more than one doctor would have to have been involved, or that Ledger could have obtained them by other means.

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of course he got them from dealers! he's freakin famous, he could get anything he ever wanted at any time. it's pretty easy for anyone to do so these days. so famous peeps have zero problem.

2453 days ago


Pattijen, Thats exactly what I meant when I posted on the M.E. report earlier when I asked if the pain killers were in his room when the police arrived. I have said all along that MK knew something or she wouldn't have been called twice. I still say she was called because there were drugs that were removed.

2453 days ago


Seriously, leave it alone now. Let the poor guy rest in peace and let his family grieve. Put yourselves in their shoes.

2453 days ago


#7 He could have taken them rectally. Like you know, duh.

2453 days ago


This is a problem with using multiple doctors: he got some drugs in the UK, and some int the US. I don't think anyone had any bad intentions here....just sad.

2453 days ago


What the hell? How did he get them? Like it's a big mystery? Jeesh, he probably went to doctors and got prescriptions. The feds should have taken a look in my mother-in-law's medicine cabinet before she died. These doctors will whip out prescriptions at the drop of a hat. All she had to do was complain enough about ailments caused by TOO MANY PILLS, and they'd give her another prescription.

2453 days ago


heath's physi-friends=scrambling for one a way ticket to a extradiction free country....

2453 days ago

me in nyc    


2453 days ago

Monie Love    

Now this is a story that you people need to look into, find the different doctors & pharmacists that he got this medicine from and find out who killed him, the pharmacist alone should have been able to tell him that he should mix some of these medicine or they would kill him. Physcians receive extra $$$ for prescribing certain medicines so if you ask me the fault is that of the medical specialists.

2453 days ago


Oh wow RD, I thought you were past this. On a Heath blog no less. Use hand, feel better soon.PLEASE!

2453 days ago


Maybe there is a reason why the idiot that found him call Mary Kate 3 times before calling 911! They need to start with the massuse and her! It's kind of odd that he had traceable amounts of pain medication in his system, but no bottles or actual pain pills where found in the apartment........

2453 days ago

too sad    

ask mary kate , she will know .

she hasnt even made a statement yet of sympathy,

doesnt that seem wierd , suspcious , fishy ???

2453 days ago

April N.    

This is so ridiculous. He got them the same way every other addict in Hollywood gets drugs. Probably from the same Doctor.

This wasn't an accidental overdose, this was on purpose. It was building up in his system over time, and I bet the levels of toxicity were higher than the Moon in him.

2453 days ago


Who really cares? Can't they let the man rest in piece?

2453 days ago


I have heard of accidental overdose with 2 medications but 6 medications is either a suicide or a drug addict and looking at him I say drug addict and Mary Kate is on it too.

2453 days ago
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