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Flavor Flav for President!

2/6/2008 12:41 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After announcing that he's going to be starring in a new sitcom on MyNetworkTV called "Under One Roof," Flavor Flav also threw his name into the presidential race last night -- telling TMZ he voted for himself on Super Tuesday.

It's doubtful even Mike Huckabee has anything to worry about with this one.


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He's better than the crap we have to chose from. . .

2417 days ago

David Seneca    

i've said it before...and i'll say it again...we live in a scary world...

2417 days ago

FLAVA FLAV!!!!    


2417 days ago


God, it is so scary and sad to think that they pass up truly talented people and let a piece of crap like him become famous. What is happening to us? If we don't watch his show, if we don't buy any videos or whatever the moron does, then maybe he would just go away! Ya THINK!!!!!

2417 days ago

Ms. Giant1    

Wow he's ugly! Why is there a Flavor of Love 3? Why?

Please someone marry him so this can stop! His 15 minutes of fame was up in the 80's!!!!!!!!!!!!
But there are girls that acturally want to get with him????????? Yuck

2417 days ago


Looks like Baracks mom.

2417 days ago


He is really creepy, I agree with #3 comment, why are they subjecting people to Flavor of Love 3?!? Who wants to marry that?!

2417 days ago


Flav wants to know where Britney is and why she didn't show up for their date. Someone please fill him in.

2417 days ago

Ms. Giant1    

#4 your're right but the same goes for Kid Rock, Brett Michael (washed up) why does he have a show now those girls are real skanks. Tela Tequela ( she's a whore bag and I heard her show will be a Shot of Tequila 3. give me a break and let's put some real "Reality Shows" on the air.
Flavor of Love, I Love/Hate New York, Rock Of Love w/ Brett Micheals, A shot of Love with Mz. Skank is nothing more than a free sex free for all show with wanna be actors/actresses, why don't they just put them all on one show and call it. Bidding for STD's.. They are discusting people. Nothing but a bunch of horny over sexed idiots.

2417 days ago

Lenn K.    

Doesn't this guy have about 10 kids? God help us if this is what entertainment has come to. A very severe freak!!

2417 days ago


He is the ugliest person I have ever seen. I can't bear to even watch the tv promos on this show. He literally makes my skin crawl and the thought of him touching me, ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. He is a nobody that for some weird reason is popular from his reality show. He is an old man that should just curl up in a rocking chair.

2417 days ago

Ms. Giant1    

Just ugly and nasty. Who in the hell instigated this show? Let's find them and kick their A$$. unfortunately VH1 is making a lot of money off of these shows, Flavor of Love 1,2,&3, I Love New York 1&2, and Brett Michaels "Rock of Love" just nasty people exchanging body fluids...ewwwwww.

2417 days ago


12:10 ? you got to me out of your mind.

2417 days ago


Until now, I have never heard of him--thank God.

2417 days ago


Flav has got to me the most unattractive person in America. Who are these women who have 10 kids by him? It is super nasty to share you bodily fluids with everything with a vagina.

2417 days ago
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