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Conservators to Dump Brit's Manager!

2/8/2008 10:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsTMZ has confirmed that one of the things that went down in yesterday's hearing involving Britney's conversatorship is that the commissioner granted the conservators the power to fire her manager, Howard Grossman.

Court documents reveal that Commissioner Reva Goetz ordered Howard Grossman to turn over "all documents, records and assets relating to Britney Spears" to Brit's dad, Jamie, who along with attorney Andrew Wallet, is the court-appointed conservator of Brit and her estate.

Though the firing hasn't gone down yet, we're guessing the reason Brit's fam wants him out is because Grossman has a very cozy relationship with Sam Lutfi -- something that makes Brit's family very uncomfortable.


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and considering that you are quoting Rolling Stone magazine as the bible i suspect that you are young and dont understand the dilema of a parent.. the las time i looked at a rolling stone article was in 1978!! . its not on my reading material list not saying they are lying but they are not going to help britney in any way.. yes, you can expose her parents but right now she isnt surrounded by those who have her interests at heart and her parents are her parents..full stop., let them clean up their own mess.and if they want to squander her remaining fortune , its up to them.. in the end its their one can clean up this mess only they can..not rolling stone, not sam lufti, not her enablers who rally round to milk her for every penny she is worth...stop hating on her parents, its their mistake its their problem, she is their daughter...

2419 days ago

elle MAE    

flyonthewall.... Hey its elle from Louisiana. What's up? So fill me in.... Y is it tmz isn't posting any pics etc... Also I thought maybe ur name was ur email address and tried to email u because my post wouldn't go thru to you. Must not be righe address because the emails failed... But tell me what's up with the pics etc??? Elle

2419 days ago


and i guarantee you ma and pa hater, that, if britney gains control of the remaining money she has, it will be gone in sixty seconds..cos she will just hand it over to lufti and the exploiters trop and trollop. who were gone in less than sixty seconds when the money train got stopped at the station.lawyers are hideously expensive, celebrity lawyers more so....; 40million will go up in smoke in no time once they get their hands on her. as for britney coming back bigger than ever, what is wrong with most of you on here who think its just a matter of taking a headache tablet..this is real mental illness we are talking about here not drug addiction and a spell in rehab.very few of you really understand the problems that these people are now facing... there is no show biz remedy slot on e news or entertainment tonight that will cure this.. hollywood is not built for this problem.. and she needs to get away from it now..

2419 days ago

elle MAE    

Brit fan... Hey it elle in Louisiana.... I tried to post things to you last night that never went think its tmz selective deleting posts??? What's up?

2419 days ago


this is getting better and better

2419 days ago


jack54…I like the way you post.

2419 days ago


why is it okay to stalk a woman, a GIRL, like this but never a man or boy.
because we're all unconsciously sexist! we think it's okay to intrude, impose,expose,
penetrate women and their worlds, we even think it's funny.
think about it.

2419 days ago


elle MAE---


2418 days ago


SO has some POSITIVE news about Britney, unlike TMZ EVER does (about anyone, at that). Read it --perez's website is a lot more informational and positive. it's refreshing to know some celeb websites are still classy.

2418 days ago


Good Grief Fran. I can't help you out now. Pace yourself! :)

2418 days ago


Good, good, good, goodbye to the manager!

2418 days ago


yes get rid of his ass --- that sorry ass -- she dont need sorry people like that in her life - just to screw her ....

2418 days ago

current fha rate    

get a life britney

2418 days ago


What I find so amazing is that so few people realize things like Jamie's restaurant you mentioned. First of all, how he was financially able to acquire the restaurant, and the second, how it was Jamie's exploitation of Britney's fame to promote the restaurant that caused the falling out between Britney and her father. If the truth was known and believed, people would know that Britney Spears didn't have a dime to her name when she was 17 years old in 1998, not one cent from her performances on the Mickey Mouse Show in 1993 & 1994 or her work with the Innosense and concert tour sponsored by American teen magazines in 1997. Jamie defaulted on a land purchase mortgage and numerous other financial debts that drove him into bankruptcy in July 1998 and then that was followed by a life of out of control drinking and drug abuse until it landed him in a rehab clinic in 2004.

Six months after Jamie drove the family into bankruptcy, losing a large swath of real estate that was auctioned off after foreclosure and the family car he still owed Ford Motor Credit $10,000 for, Britney's "Baby One More Time" was released just after her 18th birthday in December 1998. The rest is history! But the family was penniless before the "Baby One More Time" release in December/98, even with Britney's earnings, the earnings of her school teacher mom, and the earning's of her construction worker father. Jamie squandered it all. And the bankruptcy wasn't something that just happened overnight. His financial problems began before Britney went to work on the Mickey Mouse Show in 1993 when she was only 12 years old. I would say that Jamie has come a long way financially since his 1998 bankruptcy and rehab clinic stint in 2004. Lynne hasn't done so bad either. And one would have to be dumb as a box of rocks not guess where their sudden good fortune came from. Now they have her taken her cars away from her, confined her to the mansion she owns and have control of the whole bank roll in it's entirety.

Posted at 6:12AM on Feb 9th 2008 by just me

Just me...thx for that background info re greedy pa! I think the craziest thing about all this is that Brit has always had to support her parents, including working 20 hour days, in breach of child protection laws to do it...and then somehow deadbeat dad is allowed by a court to look after HER money....that is just so wrong on so many levels and must be sending brit crazy, particularly when people keep trying to tell her that her dad only wants what's best for her, when it's obvoius he's only ever been interested in what's best for him.

Do you have more details about the fallout over him using her to promote his restaurant? Another example of him exploiting her I presume? This is just such a sad story...I so hope she gets rid of them for good and signs the appropriate papers to ensure they can't do it to her again.

2418 days ago


285. i think all of you have valid point for and against britney's parents.but the reality is they are her only hope.that is the honest to goodness truth. every person has a piece of her.from the record company to the fans .. but in the end she is their daughter, and in the end, it is them , not the fans, the record companies , our any of us who will have to bury her, thats the bottom line... afterall, where did heath ledger go when all the hoopla ended..?. he went home...

Posted at 7:54AM on Feb 9th 2008 by noyankhere

You really can't compare Brit's parents to Heath's parents, that is totally unfair.....he was never exploited by them. nor did they live off him, nor have they ever sold interviews to the press about their kids, sold their kids for a percentage of the profit or anything like that. Please don't try to compare the parents in these situations, that is really mean to Heath's family at a time like this.

2418 days ago
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