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K-Fed Grilled in NYC

2/8/2008 9:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While Britney's friends and family scramble to save her from completely imploding -- Kevin Federline was in New York, hamming it up at a Sean Jean fashion show. Daddy needs a new pair of shoes!

TMZ caught up with Federleezy as he dashed for his car after the show -- staying mum while our photog asked him all the tough questions.

The guy who brought us "Popozao" may be smarter than he looks ... which wouldn't be that tough.


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#161-- We can tell you are a pathetic desperate woman, with little self respect. I don't know any woman who had any standards, who would date, sleep with, or marry K-Fed, or any guy like him!! Trust us, NOBODY is envious of this loser, he can't even pay his own rent! He is a joke, and his life is a joke. He a golddigging, liar, and user, and who is still so broke he couldn't even support 4 kids on his own if he had to.

2446 days ago


TJ! Thanx for your opinion. I may be pathetic desperate woman, with little self respect. You state you wouldn't know any woman who had any standards, to date , sleep or marry K-Fed??? Really? If you didn't notice....You just named Shar and Britney!!!! Good for you...

2446 days ago


Excuse me Amanda, but you are the fool! Britney may have chosen him at one time but she also divorced his ass too. I have absolutely no respect for a man who lives off of a woman. This isn't about Federline going out. This is about a man who has made 4 kids that we know of. He has no in the hell does he pay child support for his 2 kids with Shar Jackson?I am willing to be he pays with the child support he gets from Britney for the 2 kids he made with her. What in the hell is he doing going to a New York fashion show? Anything he may have now is what he got from his ex-wife. He needs to get off of his lazy ass and be a real man. There is such a thing as honor and self respect. He has neither. He lives off of his ex. Please don't try and paint him as the wonderful father and man you think he is. If he was so damn wonderful he would have never left a pregnant girlfriend who already had 1 child by him. He would have stood up and done what was right. He didn't. he went after someone with more money. Call him father of the year if you like but I find him disgusting. If he had one bit of honor and compassion, he would drop the lawsuits, try working with Britney's family and doctors and get a damn job. Don't tell me he isn't adding to an already sad situation. He is. Yeah, Kevin Federline deserves some time off to go out and relax...that is bull crap! Get off his band wagon and look at the situation as it is. He is a low life creep who needs to get a job to support all 4 of his kids. He doesn't need his fancy car and custom made clothing to do it. He is a bum!

2446 days ago


Yet another LAME vid. Hope tmz didn't pay anything it. Worthless.

2446 days ago

current fha rate    

papa what?

2446 days ago


all i can say is his kids better be with someone he knows is going to be attentive to them and not some non english speaking over paid illegal nanny.

2446 days ago



I admire strong, intelligent women - especially those who have self-respect and respect for others. If you are not already raising outstanding daughters - I hope you have the opportunity. :-)

Great Post – happily reposted below!

RealXX wrote:

“Most of you women make me embarassed to have a vagina.

Were you all raised by weak mothers prostrate to the cult of victimhood?

Personally, I respect the women who came before me and fought to show that raising kids is equal to the work accomplished by men. Now thanks to you throwbacks to the 18th century, that's all out the window because Kfed staying home isn't anywhere CLOSE to a "real" job. If he was a "real" man he'd be working. In other words, raising kids and running a home that facilitates the needs of those kids is now back to NOT being anything near equal to a "real" job.

Personally, I respect the women who came before me and fought to show that women are a different sex but not a different species, and are thus equal to men in all capacities. But now all of you shamefully anti-feminist women are claiming (examine your logic) that a man has the power and control to decide for himself whether his life fails completely or works out victoriously, but whether a woman's life is a victory or failure depends on what man she picks?

Sad, sad, sad. I hope you anti-feminists don't pass your poison to your own daughters.”

2445 days ago

larry doby    

let's break this down;

when it's mealtime in the KPAY house, does he push the $2 happy meal towards his previous 2 mistakes ?

then push a couple of t-bone steaks in the direction of his most VALUED assets ?


it all gets spread evenly across the table.

does KPAY shop at the Gap for the Brit boys and the $.99 store for his first two drippings ?


When all the children are playing, are there 2 sets of toys ?

one set from toys-r-us and the other out of a Cracker Jack box ?


this is the thing;

he supports his other sorrowful set of kids with the " cheese " he be pull out of Unifitney.....

2445 days ago


ok so this poor pathetic excuse for a father can critisize britney about going out and leaving her kids but then he goes and does it. i am very happy that he is making a piece treaty with britney but the only reason he is making it is becuase people constantly talk about him because he is a piece of crap!! Britney deserves her kids back and the only reasson why kfed has a house, car, clothes or even a damn dollar to his name is because of britney. It is her money and she is supporting this idiot! he treats her like crap but if it wasnt for her people would not even know who he was. he would just be the same old bum that he was before he married britney. i hate this man and he needs to wake up and get real becuase britney is going to get those kids back and he will be kissing her ass!!!

2444 days ago


This is what he needed more of Brit's money for! Oh, yeah, that and for the kids. I bet K-Fed doesn't even know their names!

2438 days ago
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