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Britney Dances the Day Away

2/10/2008 12:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The recovering Britney Jean Spears spent another day at Millennium Dance Studio in North Hollywood yesterday, but this time Pa Spears was there -- in a classy Corona tee shirt.

Brit was heckled by onlookers and photogs waiting for a glimpse of her -- girl needs her pap fix, y'all! The popwreck was asked if she was going to the Grammys, to which Miss Thang replied ... well, take a look.


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Dancing is GOOD for your Soul

Also will help you feel better....releases ENDORPHINS

So HARVEY? What willTMZ Do without BRIT AT HER WORSE.....she gets normal - you guys have NOTHING to report!!!!

2416 days ago


why should we do when the stars themselves and the people of hollywood,L.A.the people who live and worl there don't do anything about it but complain,if julia roberts com and george clooney complained to the police rather than fighting with the papps and just giving them better footage i would be more willing to help them out,i actually think the law should be called brits law,but hollywood could change this situation really quick,i would like to see some action on there part.

2416 days ago


blah blah blah britney is not innocent. blah blah blah, britney, is not a star, blah blah blah enough of this comedy. blah blah blah !

2416 days ago

Jusst saying    

She does serve as a good warning for a lot of other celebs out there........... especially the young females.......... watch out or this could be you!!

2416 days ago

Jusst saying    

she could be the poster girl for 'what NOT to wear'

2416 days ago


Is this really gossip? Is this even TMZ worthy (which is quite a low standard)? I've noticed the amount of articles on TMZ has really become limited since Britney has been under the supervision of her family. Wow, just like X17 your whole site is pretty much built on Britney. I guess because other sites still have celebrity gossip to dish and you have to wait for glimpses of Britney this really is a big story for you. It's ironic isn't it that the one thing Britney said on this clip is true, "Kiss my a**", that is exactly what you will have to do to keep this site running. Karma really stinks doesn't it TMZ?

2416 days ago

bobby g    

Britney, is still a very young girl. No matter what all you blood suckers think. I'm sorry, but this girl really needs help desparetly. She needs help, from, GOOD friends, and family to guide her. I do not know her personally, but but just watching her, she is reaching out, for someone for help, no matter what she has said. I do not know what took her mother and father sooo long to go to LA to help her, if that is what it is. This is very complicated, but she, Britney needs to get away from Hollywood, go with family and friends, and get back to reality. This is easier said than done, when you do not agree with the program I just hope and pray for Brit that she thinks it all through, and makes the right discussion.
Love ya Brit.......Peace be with you

2416 days ago


I think what TMZ is doing is hate crime.You guys hate this person with mental illness sooo much..And she donated tons of money to charities and even made all of you rich..

2416 days ago


The paps are trying to get a response by hurling insults at her? Then you show when she says kiss my ass? You are asses.
The paps are self serving bastards and they should not be paid to hurt others careers and lives.

2416 days ago


maybe now brit will see these guys are not her friends,they turned on her,this is a far cry from filling her car with gas,opening her door,helping her out,i hope she can see them for what they are,a bunch of money hungery foreigners sent over from england to follow her,i am not saying they are from england,the company they work for is in england they have
been hired specifically to follow and photogragh her,she is their assignment,nothing more and i hope she gets finally gets it

2416 days ago


i agree,i went over to perez hilton ,i only scanned a few pages and there was nothing on britney,it was refreshing,i am not sure what came after those pages but he had reports and videos of the grammy's.
but yea,no matter what you want to think britney is or isn't it would be a good time to let up on her
these places won't,it is up to the consumor,if we don't buy or come to these sites it would not happen,but the sicker she is the better they do,if she gets boring or even stable they lose millions,she is a cash cow

2416 days ago

waa waa cry babies    

Where was she? In the rainforest? That's what it sounded like, 'cause I know I heard a lot of animals.

You all need to leave her ALONE! The paps are not contributing to her recovery and I believe would actually like to see her back at her freefall.

Glad that there have been less "reports" on this site lately....wish there were NONE!

2416 days ago


well said #561 roflmao

2416 days ago


I'm pretty sure the 'kiss my ass' comment was for the paparazzi and not the grammy's . . . . you guys are STOOPID . . . just cuz you print it doesn't mean it's true

2416 days ago

Lenn K.    

The problem with not covering Britney is you won't get close to 600 hits on other stuff and they know this. Britney like her or not sells. It is too much most of the time but they know where their bread is buttered!

2416 days ago
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