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No Joke -- Mencia Lands Mansion

2/10/2008 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carlos Mencia just purchased a $4.4 million house in Encino -- an upgrade to make room for visitation by his massive family. He has 17 siblings! No, really, 17!

According to the L.A. Times, the 8,500 square foot home -- purchased from "Say It Isn't So" actor Eddie Cibrian -- has two master-bedroom suites, six en suite bedrooms, family room with a wet bar, banquet-sized dining room, home theater with seating for 15 or more, a pool, barbecue pavilion and six-car garage.

Who's laughing now?


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Great! This is what being a racist, non-funny "comedian" can get you in America. No wonder everyone wants to come here.

2445 days ago

demented and sad but social    

One more reason Universal Health Care should not be a right. His moronic parents don't have enough sense to practice birth control and the taxpayers will be on the hook for 17 kids, plus all of the kids the 17 kids will have and so on and so on.

2445 days ago


Oh yeah,this guy is funny.He's the mexican dane cook.Really,really funny......

2445 days ago


What is the world coming to where a douchebag like this can make so much money?

2445 days ago


Who cares if he lifts a joke now and then, if the audience laughs? I started writing and performing comedy in 1965. I occasionally take an old gag and refurbish it for a new generation.

Usually I use my own old mataerial If the crowd has never heard it before, it's new to THEM. Sometimes I'll think of a "new" joke and it turns out that someone else did it before and it was retained somewherre in my addled brain, then I find out that I heard it from someone else somewhere along the way. I listen to, or watch, or read, a lot of comedy. If I borrow a joke intentionally, I try to give credit, expecially if it bombs.

Carlos Mencia has excellent timing and delivery. While you try to slam him, remember the story that we all just read, or at least most of us. Enough people like him to pay to see him and he is laughing all of the way to the bank and then home to the house where some of you wish you could even visit. The only gardening he has to do is trim his wife's bush from time to time and I would gladly take over that job for him.

EVERYONE steals a joke, even if they don't realize(at that moment) that the joke they just made up was done long ago by another comic. Or, they just see a gag and say, "Hey, I can do that better." Look at the life of Milton Berle. He made a good living and loved his reputation as a joke stealer, making it part of his act. He was best known for being a Jewish comic in the old tradistion, cross dressing in routines, using stolen jokes and being hung like a horse. We had a lot in common. I can steal jokes, I could cross dress and I'm Jewish...

2445 days ago


demented and sad but social

You are absolutely correct!
Except in California we do have Universal health care for illegal aliens. MediCal covers illegal aliens and those who dont work or pay taxes, which is why we cannot call it medicare (which it is( however if you are struggling and white like me we are out of luck. almost 5 million illegals in CA have health insurance paid for by you and me!

2445 days ago

you know    

90% of the African American community has been voting for Obama. It is making a difference and my brother Obama has got most of the white folks eating out of his hands. We shall overcome!!

Posted at 10:37AM on Feb 10th 2008 by jamaal

He is not your brother baby.

2445 days ago


Cool for him. When he's not in cali, he lives in my hometown in Oregon. He comes in to the video store where my sis works and is really nice I guess. Seems to be a real down to earth guy.

2445 days ago


PLEASE !!! Denis Leary is the BIGGER thief,( and back stabber) yes he walks on water with the Foundation , which is the onlty decent thing that he has ever done.

2445 days ago


mexican? more like MexiCant.

2445 days ago

Kurt Smith    

I think the appropriate start for this articles first line would be "Joke stealer and alleged comedian Carlos Mencia..."

2445 days ago


He's loud, obnoxious and so not funny so who cares?
He's only popular because his thousands of family members watch him.

2445 days ago


THIS GUY IS NOT EVEN FUNNY. Everytime I hear his comedy routine I have to force myself to laugh and he's just a talker, anyone can ramble a bunch of crap. Besides he does steal from Richard Pryor and other comedians. I do not support this idiot.

2445 days ago


He calls himself Mexican to relate.but actually he is from some othr Brown country..I guess he feels its all the same...maybe he stole his heritage from George Lopez.

2445 days ago

Alex's Chica    

To number 11 are you? Way to go Mencia you are awesome Stop Hating jealous people

2445 days ago
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