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Tone Deaf

Grammy Fashion

2/11/2008 3:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If looks could kill, last night's Grammys would have been a genocide. With Amy Winehouse rehabbed and Britney under the careful watch of her family, the only train wrecks at this years Grammys were on the red carpet. Take a look at some of the horrors in our gallery.



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That's not a very flattering photo of Beyonce.

2361 days ago


Cher looks good for being 135 years old.

2361 days ago


Seriously, bag on whom ever you feel like, but Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood? Come on, you should be glad that there are still wholesome people like them in the world. They both looked great.

2361 days ago


Totally argee with #7...............That's all it is anymore. What ever happen to good old Heavy Metal. And that Kanye West. What a POS and a typical ......!!!! He is not the only person in the world who has lost a parent. Take your award and get off the stage!!! He is suck a cry baby!!!

2361 days ago


Congratulations to Amy Winhouse. She looked really healthy and is very talented. I hope she gets it together.

2361 days ago


These celebs are so stupid (and some, .....not all of them) are HIGH..They let these designers so easily convince them that these dresses look FABULOUS...We know what they are thinking..the celebs..I AM SO AWSOME..the designer..$$$$$$$$

2361 days ago

its me    

where is the best dressed did ya get that

2361 days ago


#7 and 22 need to get a life. If you only like one form of music so much, go somewhere and listen to it. They still make rock songs you know (as I personally enjoyed the Foo's last night). Maybe if you guys (or gals) weren't on here crying like little sissies about a different genre, you would notice. Speaking of failing to take notice, I love the Foo's and all, but they went up on stage dressed like they were about to take out the garbage, chewing gum like cows chew cud, and TMZ makes no mention of their fashion????

2361 days ago


I have to disagree with regards to Amy Winehouse. She looked terribly thin and unhealthy. In my opinion, she looked as if she needed to go back and really complete her stint in "rehab". Also, I thought her performance was flat. As for worst dressed, I didn't see anything wrong with Beyonce's dress at all. I think it's a great color for her. I completely disagree with whomever that she was one of the worst dressed on the red carpet.

2361 days ago


Who said Amy Lee was full figured? She's far from it, I think she's beautiful. Just because a woman has some curves doesn't make her full figured, please TMZ. For an agency who most of their marketing dollars come from places like Lane Bryant and Weight Watchers you would think you would have a little more tact.

2361 days ago


And for clarification, I meant onstage to accept their award, well after their performance.

2361 days ago


#27, I am a fan of a lot of music. But it seems like RAP is all over the place, just not at the awards shows. But who the heck is Kayne to stand up there and tell them to urn off the music???? WTF is that. When they say wrap up it means get off stage. No one is crying here, just venting about stupid a** WEST! Get over yourself

2361 days ago


Kanye also cries everytime he doesn't receive an award. Who does he think he is that he should win every award in the first place? It's insulting to the other artists that did win for him to think he's so much better than everyone. He's a poor loser. LOSER being the key word.

2361 days ago


oh my god

what was Beyonce thinking!!
she looks nasty ugly !!
loool she scares me, yes she looks a man.

2361 days ago


#34 you hit the nail right on the head!!!! he is a LOSER & CRY BABY! Vince Gill's commet was the best!

2361 days ago
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