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Diane Keaton -- Holy S**T, Here Comes The Sun!

2/12/2008 1:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Diane Keaton dressed for a sunny Sunday afternoon at Disneyland with her grandson son, Duke. Perfect attire for 75° weather.
Diane Keaton all bundled up!
Diane looked like she was ready to fight the blizzard, fingerless gloves and all.


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This photo must be from December. I was at Disneyland and saw her there. Unless she goes all the time!!! She was just walking aorund and waiting in lines like everyone else. It appeared no one even recogized her. I saw her walk by me and I said to my 9 year old son- hey that is Diane Keaton and he said 'Who?" just as she turned around. Mega embarassing. But she smiled and walked on. No one else seemed to care it was her. I was happy for her for that- at least there is someplace you can go with out PAPS!

2447 days ago


omg!!! no gloves!!! she was on a recent episode of Rachael Ray and had on black leather gloves!

2447 days ago

Kate Austen    

This is her son adopted.

2447 days ago

she smiled    

I think that's nice. Simple pleasures.

2447 days ago


She was at the park on Sunday. I got on the Indiana Jones Attraction right after she got off of it. And it is NOT A SHOW at Disneyland. It is a ride. You board a jeep-like vehicle. The SHOW is in Walt Disney World. Your joke falls flat I'm afraid as you cannot be "pulled from the audience" for the ride.

2447 days ago


Diane Keaton IS Annie Hall. Period.

2447 days ago


And not to be too nit-picky. But Mickey Mouse's "Steamboat Willie" premiered to the public on November 28th, 1928 and therefore would still be 79. Funny thing is, "Plane Crazy" was created before Steamboat Willie but premiered after it.

2447 days ago


SHAME ON YOU **TMZ**.....!!!!

So what if she is an older mom? HOW TACKY YOU TAKE A SHOT AT THAT!! What,, news getting that slim, or is your staff that that inept??

2447 days ago


. Stunning woman with MAN HANDS...

2447 days ago


Well, now my comments make no sense. ;)

2447 days ago


I do not understand being mean and sarcastic (grandson ha ha ha - NOT) about a celebrity that is clearly a nice person, does not seem to seek paparazzi attention, and from every interview I have ever seen is a loving, caring mother. Why do you have to put people down for their age and physical appearance all the time? (and by the way, if all you have to "report" on is Diane Keaton wearing gloves at Disneyland, it's obviously a really, really slow news day for you.) I like this site, but this is really a turnoff for me.

2447 days ago

Hells Kitchen dogwalker    

Agree with the above poster, the kids on your show need to show some respect, after all, what have they contributed to the pop culture pantheon? They're just untalented, failed actors & writers. Especially that stupid girl who dissed The Beatles and made it into a racist issue, when she said "I don't know or like The Beatles. If you talk Earth Wind & Fire, I might be interested." You should fire her, she's an uninformed, idiot racist with no taste!

2447 days ago


Amen, Landelah!

2447 days ago


On Sunday, Feb 10th 2008 around 3pm we left Disneyland and as we were strolling through Downtown Disney, security had a guy with a camera (large one, not the family-type) pulled aside. I hung around a minute and two Anaheim bike patrol officers swept in. The cameraman looked like the dude that hangs with Britney (err hangs ON, that is). Anyways, I caught some talk about how he was trespassing, etc, and mostly some old fat Disney security guy trying to act large in charge. I wonder if the cameraman who shot this pic was the one being harassed by Disney.

2447 days ago


She was probably hoping to have a normal day out and have no one recognize her.
Diane Keaton for a woman in her 60's?? Right! Looks awesome. I love her!
Let the lady hang with her family! No matter how 'young' they are! !

2447 days ago
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