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But Can He Make This Tat Disappear?!

2/15/2008 4:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After winning something on Thursday called the Merlin Award from the International Magicians Society, a bearded Criss Angel (yes, that's him on the right) viewed an image of himself inked onto a delusional fan's unfortunate back tattoo.

Ouch! That's painful -- and getting the tat probably hurt too!


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#32. Like Steve-O's tat on his back!

2405 days ago


The lady in that photo's name is QV

2405 days ago


Exactly, #33!

2405 days ago

Lydia Layne    


Before you stroke out, educate yourself as to the history of tattoos. They have traditionally had a negative image in Western culture. Historically they have been linked to lower social class individuals, sailors, carneys, criminals, and hepatitis. Therefore, they have earned the "trashy" reputation over the years. I believe for a time they were actually illegal. It's been within the past 30 years or so that they have become more acceptable.

2405 days ago


They are more socially acceptable nowadays. Thank god. I hate the narrowmindedness of some poeple when it comes to tattoos. Bugs me, to no end.

2405 days ago


Any tattoo would be the first red flag for me that that person is an absolute bimbo-mongolid idiodic- moron.
And quite trashy, too!
(Not in a good way..)

Ugliness as conformity. Turn the page- Next generation- PLEASE!

2405 days ago


NOW APPEARING.....Criss Angel as "Grizzly Adams" and his sidekick O' What's her Face as 'Ape Woman..." ok yeah that was lame...but I am trying.....

2405 days ago


Guess "Lori" is tatted up, hence the defensiveness. Bad decision.

2405 days ago


When he came out in Phenomena as a judge he acted like such a jerk with the contestants, while the other judge(magician) was really cool. Besides, his Mindfreak show is full of camera editing and correct placement of camera angles to make it look like a "magic trick", then he uses his cronies to surround himself with them to make it look original. GIVE ME A BREAK.

2405 days ago


I'm the biggest Criss Angel fan in the world.
All of you haters need to leave him alone.
Criss is cute, talented, looks cute with or without a beard, is a great magician, his music is great, etc.
I have bought his DVDs, his book, and one of his CDs.
I will meet him one day.
There is nothing wrong with that lady having a tattoo of Criss. She is a big fan of his and is not delusional.
Criss is the sexiest man in the world and I will gladly do him.

2405 days ago


i agree, criss is totally HOT! met him in Vegas earlier this year- sexier in person!

2405 days ago


Magicians society? My God! Maybe he can make that beard disappear.

2405 days ago


Matt Zane of Society 1 broke Criss's suspension record and Criss will not acknowledge it. What a dorky baby!
Matt Rocks!!

2405 days ago


Criss took it up the locker hole as he watched Matt Zane break his record in Vegas. yes, he watched. He's trying to silence the screams inside of his head and hope no one hears. Too late.

2405 days ago

Ultimate loyal tattoo girl!    

F**K All you haters, I AM THAT GIRL.
Who ever said those nasty things about me and Criss are the ugliest of all. You hate your lives which makes you say horrible things about us and maybe others to make you feel better about your self. You are ugly not us.
Firrst of all Criss is an amazing man, that has inspired me to love myself, be a bettter person and to go for my dreams. My Tattoo represents my compassion, devotion to him and what He's done for me. I want to remember him always in my life and I feel that tattoos of any kind for any person is an art form of an individuals love for life.
He is more than the magician of the year to me. I have never met anyone so down to earth that is a celebrity. He makes his fans feel loved unlike others.
You will never meet anyone like him ever!
And my name is not Lori get your story right, and some lives while your at it.

2405 days ago
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