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Alli Sims: Still Nothing Without Britney

2/17/2008 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's minute 14.3 into Alli Sims' 15 minutes -- and she's almost a never-was wannabeen. The Brit hanger-on was leaving Orso last night, minus her former posse of Britney and Sam. The only interesting thing about her now is that "Blossom" hair.

Alli does talk about speaking to Brit -- Pa Spears hasn't put the brakes on their relationship ... yet.


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shes a nobody so why is she in a limo?!!?!!?

go away girl . u had your 5 seconds of fame thanks to britt
this girl isent any good for britt so plz TMZ dont give her the attention she wants

2417 days ago


It is so pathetic that the paps even bother following this girl around. Who the hell is she? She is a nobody!

2417 days ago

larry doby    

and why are we even remotely interested in the lost southern dumbell ?

the same rodent that TRIED to sell a reality show to the palm's MAGOOF brothers that they squashed with NO unfitney in it !

rides the coattails of others and uses any & all contacts to musically and " professionally " squeak out a living ?

this southern swamp thing gets crawdaddy arms when the check comes;

can't reach beyond herself to pay for ANYTHING !

hence the company she MUST keep to keep moisture in the mud.....

2417 days ago


If she's "nothing without Britney", and photographed here CLEARLY without Britney, then WHY ARE YOU PHOTOGRAPHING "NOTHING"??
Waste of space.
The title bar says "Celebrity Gossip".
Stick with it please or I'll nick off to Perez instead.

2417 days ago


I HATE!!!!!! That you talk about her 15 minutes of fame. She wouldn't even be "famous" if you did NOT mention her EVERYDAY! She has done nothing for society. Give it a rest!!!!

2417 days ago


If she is "nothing", why are you giving her air time?

2417 days ago

Tiger Tale    

It is the Grifter's nite on the town!

Who is Alli going to party with after Osama Lutfi goes to prison?

All this, and more, on the next episode of "You Got No Talent"!

2417 days ago


Gee, what a shock. TMZ has something in common with Alli Simms.

2417 days ago


If you love your children then stay the F away from this biatch and her mental sidekicks!

No one cares what they have to say as they are a big NOTHING. Not even a credible witness!

This Biatch is nothing but Trash

2417 days ago


She is probably in on the scam to steal Brit's money with Adnan and Lufti! Where is the 60 million??????????????

2417 days ago


Ali who?? Do ya think it really bites her a** that the only thing she is ever asked about is Britney? haha, Ali is a nobody, never has been, never was, never will be. Remind me again, why is she considered a celebrity?

2417 days ago


You gross Twit!

2417 days ago


Dear Team Spears,

Can y'all get a restraining order against Alli (I introduced Osama lutfi to Brit and I am famous because classy Paris sometimes remembers who I am) ?!!!

Dear God, she makes me retch!

2417 days ago


Thanks Rappy #62, That girl is the absolute Worst! Jeez with "friends" like that , who needs enemies?!

Team Spears , God bless y'all!

2417 days ago


I haven't seen anything where Alli is trying to promote her own fame. She's not doing a record deal, not trying to be an actress. She certainly doesn't seem to be trying to throw herself in the guys just seem to keep trying to drag her back in!

2416 days ago
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