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Mary Carey -- Breakin' Baldwins, Bangin' Brit?

2/19/2008 7:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Celebrity Rehab" star Daniel Baldwin was booted off the show because of his inappropriate text messages to porn star Mary Carey -- and apparently his wife knows all about it.

We spotted Mary (still sober- hooray!) outside of Mr. Chow last night and she told us that Daniel's wife called her wondering just what went on in the house. Could that be why we saw Daniel with a black eye over the weekend? We're just sayin'.

Mary also went on to explain that she's a big Britney Spears fan and wants to do a girl-girl video with her. Because that is soooo what Britney needs right now.


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I'm just sayin    

Mary Ellen, I'm pullin for you.

You can do it. 24 hrs.

2445 days ago


way to go mary ellen! Stay strong and sober. life is too short to be drunk and miss it all.....

2445 days ago


Daniel is a scuz. By the way, he wasn't booted off the show; he left and the text messages were reported after he left.

Mary Ellen, I hope you are still sober. Don't take the first drink, ok?

2445 days ago



2445 days ago

Kristen S    

This story is so inaccurate. I don't even watch the show but happened to catch that episode. He left on his own will. He was not booted. They weren't even aware of the situation until after he left. Way to go TMZ. Classy reporting.

2445 days ago

Black Teef    

I hope Mary was one more bukkake or double anal movie in her.

2445 days ago


Go Mary! One day at a time..........................Easy does it!

2445 days ago


Daniel Baldwin's leaving had nothing to do with the text messaging issue. He voluntarily left the show for his own personal reasons (which he explained on the show).
The texting was inappropriate and that's the reason there are rules in detox/rehab because people tend to do foolish things that maybe under "normal" conditions they would not do.
Mary Ellen - she is a beautiful girl inside and out. I am glad to see she is doing ok. She really deserves a good life and I hope she pursues her dreams and is very successful.

2445 days ago

Susan B    

Mary Cary is a 27 year old porn star, but Daniel needed his ass kicked to the curb anyway...........Too bad for his wife, she is pregnant, but at least she knows Daniel is a real dog.

2445 days ago

Another stupid story by TMZ's uneducated chimpanzees    

15. I had nothing but disdain for this girl before I saw her on Celebrity Rehab. Then there was something touching and sad about her. Her mother's problems were heartbreaking and the ballet sequence almost brought me to tears. There's a good, sad little girl in there. I guess we all need to remember the old adage about "There but for the grace of God go I".

Posted at 6:10PM on Feb 19th 2008 by Tristania
Amen to that. I really hope that Mary Ellen becomes dominant in this women, and the mary carey persona disappears completely. It's unfortunate when she falls back in the the mary carey person (suggesting a girl-girl video); I wish she would grow past this. Mary Ellen appears to be a good person, and the world needs more of them...

2445 days ago


#25, he left because he is a pompous little drama queen and a quitter just like his brother. People were being inappropriate so he shut himself in his room and called his wife. But then he told her what they were doing, and said he needed to leave because she was mad. He said those behaviors were not conducive to his sobriety when he had actually been making excuses to leave from the first day he got there. LKike he's never going to see anything inappropriate outside of rehab? Ya go to your roo, ya call you wife, and then ya get back to work. Watch him talk. When he pulls his chiin straight back into his neck, it means he's about to let loose with some self-important, ridiculous bull crap.

2445 days ago

Hilton. Our Legs Are Open.    

I'm wondering - what on EARTH could be an "inappropriate" thing to say to Mary Carey?

And with all that "celebrity therapy" one would think this mess would wake up and realize how she's thrown her life away by spreading her legs in porn and degrading herself. Get some actual therapy, Mary, and grow up. REAL women don't do porn.

2445 days ago


Wow. What a messed up girl. Why is she telling TMZ about Daniel's wife? She might be sober from booze, but come on. She is grinding her teeth. She certainly didn't leave the life style after rehab, did she? Yes, that ballet sequence was beautiful. It's too bad she doesn't find a way to integrate ballet into her life.

2445 days ago


Well, all I can say from my perspective on doing porn is that some girls (like me) get hooked on it. Nothing can compare to being high, getting pumped, and having 18 multiple orgasms in 25 minutes. So, don't hate.

2445 days ago


All the Baldwins are sleazeballs. Daniel said he had to leave because it wasn't conducive to his sobriety but he left because he was hot for Mary and didn't want the cameras to show that. I bet he never expected her to tell everyone on the air no less. I'm glad his wife found out. he acted so self righteous when he was a big hypocrite.

I hated Mary Carey until the show and now I am rooting for her. That she is still sober is such a good thing. i wish she would realize she is a good person without the 'persona".

Daniel, on the other hand, just wanted TV time and has no reason to even be there. Can't stand any of the Baldwins. Abusive Alec, Bible thumping Steven, and crazy, lying Daniel. Hope his wife leaves him.

2445 days ago
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