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The Spears Dine on Lobster and Tobacco

2/19/2008 3:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Must've been just like old times back in Kentwood: TMZ spies say that Britney Spears just couldn't stay still the other night at Citrus at Social, going to the restroom "a lot" and seeming bored out of her mind, while her daddy Jamie worked over a big piece of chaw.

The night didn't start so well for Brit -- we're told that the paps tore off her jacket when she got to the joint, and that even though she was with her daddy and a couple other guests, she kept getting up from the table, leaving her lobster burger untouched.

She did, however, eat "a lot" of the cheesecake and the Kit Kat Bar dessert, a specialty of the house.


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**its me**    


2402 days ago


danm how the hell yall know all dat? lol! wow!

2402 days ago

open minded    

TMZ! Get real! Can you not find more worthy news that this? X17 in making you look even worse!

2402 days ago


Who cares. Is she dead yet??

2402 days ago


So they got rid of Sam, stopped her from driving around aimlessly, now what are they doing about the eating disorder? And all you stupid brit defenders out there, save it, we all know she has a problem. No one takes 10 laxatives a day unless they have a problem.
Let's ask Karen Carpenter how all those laxatives worked out for her.

2402 days ago


Ripped off her jacket? Isn't that assault? Didn't anyone call the cops or deck someone? Damn, no wonder she slipped into another personality again. You vultures set her off! Damn just stop it already and let her deal with her problems. Yes the public loves a trainwreck- but this wreck is over- let them do the clean up in peace.

2402 days ago

Get better, kiddo    

we are bored with the Britney overload - back off

2402 days ago


Uh.. I just read on another site that they all seemed to enjoy themselves.

But.. with Brit not being able to run all over town, half naked and "showing her stuff" to anyone that will no doubt her sex life has been hindered...probably isn't as fun as being nuts!

2402 days ago


For someone who would appear to have eating issues--remember she's been taking something like 10 laxatives daily--is it really a good idea to order a lobster burger, cheesecake and a Kit Kat dersert?! What an undisciplined mess!

2402 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

Keep it up Britney, try "self-control"!!! Or you will be wearing a "straight-jacket" in a rubber room!!! Now, just behave!!!

2402 days ago


so i take it this girl isent pregnant????

2402 days ago


all that cheesecake going to straight that as&!!!

2402 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

Hey, If this one dies, you still have two more!

2402 days ago


ever think that all the meds in the food was blocking her movements so laxs were needed..........I'm lov'n how as soon as the fed attorney gets involved the family is running her out to eat, etc. If he did nothing else he helped her show them for the money freaks they really are...............cheesecake over lobster burger sounds like a pms time to me!!!!!

2402 days ago

ding dang y'all    

God I am sooo SICK of hearing about this trailer trash has been.......can't you find anyone else to bother???

2402 days ago
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