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P!nk's Marriage Is Ovah!

2/19/2008 12:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

P!nk and her hubby of two years, Carey Hart, have separated and are going to get divorced. Who knew?!

Her rep told People, "P!nk and Carey Hart have separated. This decision was made by best friends with a huge amount of love and respect for one another. While the marriage is over, their friendship has never been stronger."

TMZ spotted Hart over the weekend in Las Vegas posing for pics with an unnamed hottie. Good to see he's moving on with his life.


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What a bunch of crap. "Their friendship has never been stronger???!!!" I'll bet their friendship is down the toilet at this point. I feel bad for Pink. With that picture circulating around the other day with some skanky looking girl hanging all over her husband, I'm sure that was like a punch in the stomach to Pink. Hope she moves on to someone who deserves her time and attention.

2435 days ago


I'm sorry but celebs live in la-la-land. Funny how they're all the best of friends when they break-up and get divorced. Liars! That's when they choose to care about their image? They certainly don't care about it when they're going to rehab and having babies out of wedlock.

2435 days ago


Good. I have always thought P!nk was WAY to good for this washed up has been. Way to hot for his lame-o ass.

2435 days ago



2435 days ago


Funny you caught him in Las Vegas this weekend when he was in Houston. We were at the same restaurant as him because he was in Houston for Motocross. How do you guys get to post incorrect information? There were huge groups of Motocrossers and we were trying to figure out if they were a band by the way they were all dressed. He was wearing the black Hart & Harrington shirt that you guys have him in the pic in Las Vegas. Sorry TMZ you are wrong on this one!

2435 days ago


I think it's sad but at least they don't have any kids!!

2435 days ago


That pink is one ugly dude

2435 days ago


homeboy got the pink slip!!!

2435 days ago

Laura Abril    


2435 days ago


ask what prince van ahole thinks about pink......i am so pro ahole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2435 days ago


You all u freaks out there saying crap about her being ugly, a man, a lesbian. Ur all a bunch of idiots. Look in the mirror cause you are the ugly ones. You guys dont like her cause she doent have long blonde ahir and wear tight shirts so u can see her nips and act like an idiot like Paris, Britney, Lindsay, etc. She has a head on her shoulders and is smart. Not a "Stuid Girl', pandering to ur chauvanistic needs. And the woman who dont like her are just stupid cause she is THE ONLY pop start out there with any brains, not selling herself out or dumbing herself down to appeal to a man like most of u do. So gt off her friggin back and deal with ur own crap!!!! Sad it didnt work out for them, but how easy can it be with both of them running all over the globe away from one another. One of the major downfalls with popularity i guess. Also, u freaks who said what career for Pink. Lets say three top ten hits in the last two years and the highest grossing concerts in Australia ever!!! Australia...a country with brains, where they actually like her, not like stupid Americans who only like whiney ass rock and mindless hip-hop/r-n-b....yeah i'd like to thank gawd for helping me win da grammy fo' writin songs about bitches n hoes with tig ol bitties and shootin da po'lice...yeah...sumthin I'm sure God helped u do....get real!!!!!!! Go P!nk!!! Rock on girl!!!! We love u!!!!!

2435 days ago

player hater; game hater    

Well, at least she's introspective in that one song she does "Hazard to Myself" (and #41 if that's not the proper title don't have a cow ok there Aussie? I'll sick a roo on u :-) ) Just sayin it's no surprise re the breakup since the dude was posin with that other babe. Pink doesn't really get on my nerves that much anyway, peace out to her unless that chip on her shoulder would ever cross mine. I don't mind bi-gals.

2435 days ago


Why does the rep always make the statement that cthe couple has "great love and respect for one another." If that were true, they would not be divorcing. Didn't Brad and Jennifer's rep say the same thing? Ridiculous.

2435 days ago


which title are u referring to number 42? i went a lil fast typing cause i was at work so i didnt check for spelling errors. LOL! just sick of peopl jumping on pink for silly stuff. I am an American and am ashamed at the way we direspect our own. She is a strong woman with a good head on her shoulders and a fabulous talent. Idiots cant look past her for not being a dumb blonde bimbo tho. Aussies at least respect and love her and her music. All anyone wants to hear in America are whiney rock bands trying to emulate the 70's or 80's thinking they are soo cool when its all been done before, not realizing they are simply a bunch of posers. Or we listen to nasty hip hop and rnb talking about the hood, slutty women and how many dollars they have. sad..very very sad.

2435 days ago


Big deal! And, who cares?

2435 days ago
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