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Heather Mills -- Turning Tricks??

2/20/2008 2:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heather Mills is officially England's Most Hated -- Londoners were stumped when Heather's face unwillingly popped up all over London in a series of naked, call girl flyers.

Though it's rumored she had a past as a high-end escort, these shots are actually for some random guerrilla marketing by the National Coalition of Anti-Deportation Campaigns.

The group could have saved some valuable Photoshop time -- Mills has her own naked portfolio to choose from!


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Oh Heather, I wish you could read all of these heartfelt comments. You royaly screwed up. You're not getting an ounce of sympathy here in the US when you run away from Britain. Go to hell instead, you gold digger. 33 million on top of assets?! WHAT THE HELL DID YOU HAVE BEFORE THE MARRAIGE? Certainly nowhere near what the judge just gave you. The judge should be shot too! What a mockery of the system. When are the judicial systems in UK and US going to start protecting men?! Many women who claim that "it's a man's world" don't go digging for gold, they go out and make it on their own. They try to prove otherwise. Women like Hellish Mills go out and perpetuate the 'damsel in distress' BS that further "enables" women to not get off their ass. My ex-wife knew not to come after my 'family assets', and my current GF certainly is disgusted by this classless woman. They both go out and get it done w/o crying about it.
Paul was stupid enough to father a child and so he should provide support for that kid. Im not against that. That's just the right thing to do. But, just support, that she cant piss away.

2412 days ago


Here's my view of the story, you can do so much with her name!

2412 days ago


She may have got more than £700 an hour for shagging arabs, but she couldn't do that for 24 hours a day that she got from McCartney.

2412 days ago



2438 days ago

Your Mom    

Dear TMZ Writer,

Learn the difference between 'chose' and 'choose.' Thanks.

2438 days ago


i only watched her on dancing with starts to see if her wooden leg would fall off

2438 days ago

big balls    

hey big ball wants a little

2438 days ago

Your Mom    

Does someone hand out retard awards for being the first idiot to type 'first' on a comment board? You people are morons.

2438 days ago


I really do think she married him for his cash. Having a baby by him only enabled her to be able to get more money. Also, I don't think she's attractive. i don't know how some of these woman are "models". What ever happened to the Christie Brinkleys and Cheryl Tiggs of the world?

2438 days ago


Just hate her .. "You go now"

2438 days ago


She isn't just the most hated person in England.. She is with out a doubt the most hated person in the us and the whole world.. HATE HER...

2438 days ago

patsy ramsey    

I dont like any woman who has a kid and marries all for money. It really reflects poorly on a woman like that.
Whore is the proper term.
I hope she gets spit on in london and whenever she goes to a fancy restaurant using the beatle's money, i hope the restaurant spits in her food.
and when she buys clothes using the beatles money, i hope the Pap's take very unflattering pictures of her cause she messed with the beatles and when u mess with a beatle then you mess with it's billions of fans around the world.
dam whore

2438 days ago



2438 days ago


She needs to just go away.. Her 15 min of fame is over

2438 days ago

Lana Caine    

Skanky Ho! Someone should knock off her wooden leg and beat her with it.

2438 days ago
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