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Star Jones Can't Stomach Being Canceled

2/22/2008 3:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Star Jones attended an event at Boulevard 3 last night, and was personable until asked about her show being canceled.

What, are her lips stapled together now?


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That's what you call bad karma, and Star had a lot of it after she chose not to attend that charity event and instead used their money for her personal gain. For that matter, Star takes advantage of EVERYONE for her personal gain and now the whole world knows it. No wonder no one wanted to watch her show.

People really don't like you, Star. Honestly, even if what you did to those people was within the terms of your contact, WHAT kind of person takes advantage of a CHARITY? That really showed your true colors. You had a chance to make some fans and you blew it because of your selfishness. With or without the full sum, you should have shown up at that event, but then again, a real star would never have accepted money from a CHARITY in the first place.

2403 days ago

Kathie is a phony    

This skank shouldn't even be allowed on TV! She scars the shibit right out of everyone with that ugly puss! Tell this loser and her wife to go back to pushing shoes at Payless, and I am willing to bet even THEY don't want her ratty ass!

2403 days ago

Eldrick Woods    

Hey Joyce...I see that Alzheimer's is kicking in on you, huh? Must have a lot of free time on your hands if you spent it watching Star Jones. BTW, Joyce, don't skip the meds. Listen to your doctors.

2403 days ago


Slightly stuck up.

2403 days ago

if by chance star gets a chance to read the forgone comments, star please disregard and forgive them, they are quick to hide behide their computers and say hateful things and use aliases because they are not person enough to own up to thier hate ways, you know throwing rocks and hidding their hands, what ever wrong you have done, as with each one of us, we will have to answer to our maker, and for the haters stop hatting turn from your wicked ways then you might have a chance at the kingdom, read romans 10:9 if you get a chance peace and love will snow

2403 days ago


Someone said not - but this IS a black thing . Just look at her she is black and anyone would describe her as a thing.

2403 days ago


I don't like Star, don't care that her show was cancelled, but it's damn rude to rub it in. Paps have no class or manners.

2403 days ago


I watched her show and really gave it a chance but is was really TERRIBLE.

2403 days ago


Guess the people that comment on TMZ would rather watch Jerry Spirnger.

2403 days ago


There's only one thing I don't like about Star Jones and that is she consistently defends O.J. Simpson. I can't believe she believes he's innocent or not guilty. Every time O.J. was the subject of her show, I had to change the channel. Please Star, don't defend him anymore. He's a very bad man.

2403 days ago

Anonymous, let me get this straight... supposedly, WE can't criticize Star Jones because that's "wicked" and "hateful" and we're "not person enough to own up to [our] hate ways," but for some reason, you think that YOU are in a position to criticize US?! That's rich!

HINT: Try not being a HYPOCRITE before you start Bible-thumping! You just said things that are every bit as hateful as anything that anyone else has said about Star, so you can drop the holier-than-thou act RIGHT now. The Bible says, "Judge not, lest ye be judged," yet here YOU are judging us and then you have the gall to preach gospel as if we're evil incarnate and you're some kind of angel sent from above to deliver God's Word. Get over yourself!

And as for asking Star's forgiveness on our behalf? No, thanks! I, for one, do not need or want Star Jones' forgiveness (or yours) for my comments--because I'm not sorry for them! I think what Star did to those obese girls (who looked up to her as a ROLE MODEL) was horrible and that she got what she deserved when she lost her show, and that's all there is to it. It's high time Star paid for her behavior, and you know what else? I hope Star DOES see these comments because she obviously NEEDS to see how her actions, her lies, and her selfishness have turned people away from her.

2403 days ago


Don' tforget the weddiing she DIDN'T PAY FOR. It was all donated to her - the slut - and she gave NOTHING BACK TO ANYONE. NOtTeven a thank you. The Payless shoes? she kept them all - never paid a dime for that - either. The View took an awful hit for her wedding fiasco - and that is when they said - enuf is enuf - hit the road

2403 days ago


That show she had on Court TV sucked so bad it pissed me off that they would cut the trial off so she could run her mouth that had nothing to do about what was going on or she bitched about O.J. Simpson and had Kim Goldman like we care to hear from that winne Bitch trying to hunt a gold mine off of O.J. Simpson!

2403 days ago


Ever notice how everyone who has the "surgery" ends up with their faces looking the same? Even though they had no surgery there.. they just have this creepy bug eyed "look" about them. Seriously, you can tell who has had it and who hasn't.

2402 days ago


never could believe she got her own show. why??? nasty and sooooo no a news woman. maybe she'll have some news when her "husband" has a boyfriend.

2402 days ago
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