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Britney Escorted Out By Men in White Coats

2/24/2008 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The men in white coats were after Britney last night -- but this time they were the chefs and waitstaff at Mastro's Steakhouse, who came outside in droves to help Britney part the sea of paps as she exited the eatery!

Britney, joined by Papa Jamie, must have needed a big meal yesterday after reuniting with her boys.


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As I've stated before on this site, THANK GOD FOR THE FED. CASE BEING FILED, they are being forced to take her out to eat, to shop and yes get the visits with the kids. It is nieve for folks to think that it would have happened without that coming up, all they cared about was having her go to the dance place.....and that's to get a video out so that they can get the money from her. I find it very, very funny how Kdeadbeat's attorney has gone to all the media to toot his own horn and to bolster the Pa Clampit guy for this is the only way anything's being done. I believe that Kap is really worried about his money flow being stopped also if the Feds take this it's everyone circle the wagons to keep it from happening. Further I think that this woman may have only had a nervous breakdown and if that's found to be true then you add the medical people to the mix as being on the take...............stay tuned folks, if the Fed. Case gets legs all hell could break loose!!!!!

2396 days ago


leave her alone

2396 days ago

luv my TMZ    

From Eonline:

"Spears is not slated to see the boys tomorrow, according to a source, and plans to stay home and watch the Oscars in the company of her dad and Adnan Ghalib."

Looks like you have to take the good with the bad.

2396 days ago


Did anybody see the pic of Britney on People? Her belly looks hugh! Her legs are thin, her face is thin but not that belly. Pleeeeeeze don't let her be pregnant! I know psych drugs can make you gain wt but most people I've known on those meds gained it everywhere and we've seen her heavier b4 and she does gain it body wide. What's up?

2396 days ago


Why are the PAPS so RUDE around Britney? They allow other stars to get into their cars without climbing on them and standing in the streets. I hope they ARREST PAPS that treat Britney this way. TMZ, Are they employed by YOU???

2396 days ago

Stephanie Goldmin    

i think she shouldgargle her own urine and spit it out at people while hadning out $100 doller bills to had to the frenzy!

2396 days ago


seeing this video makes me feel sad for Britney. She stayed in the house 3 days straight and just wanted to go get dinner but it turns into a craziness...

the paps need to leave this woman alone

2396 days ago

todd lissner anti adult anti wholesomeness activist-----(    

poor brit the old man following her aroung like that he should get a life of hiz own!!

2396 days ago

Mr. Hat    

Her belly is big because no more laxitives.

2396 days ago


The only reason why she looks "big" in the picture is because her dress is a little too large. She is holding one side of it & it bunched up, looking like she is big. But if you look @ the other pics of her, she looks good, flat stomach. To me, she has lost weight. JMO.

2396 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

When will she get to see her children again? Is her Mom here?

2396 days ago


Disgusted Observer. You seem to have the writing style of our esteemed LA Police Chief's wife. N'est ce Pas? By the way, good points were made.

2396 days ago


I agree with chris that she is a publicity hound. She calls the paps before she leaves her house to let them know where she is going so they can all be around and she can try to rebuild her washed up image and celebrity status. She is inviting all of the problems that she has and when she realizes that and stops the whole thing will stop as well. She needs to seriously grow up and smell the roses. She is washed up and is a has been.

2396 days ago


You go Dad great for Brit seeing her boys, we are all behind you.........

2396 days ago

frogs and gravel    

It seems that Britney has a love/hate relationship
with the paps. I mean come on, going out to eat
when you know it will create a circus? She could
of hired all those chefs to come to her place.
Granted, she should be able to go where
she wants, but still.

2396 days ago
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