Judge to Newsvixen: You Got Off Easy This Time!

2/25/2008 1:04 PM PST
Newsmess Alycia Lane apparently wasn't quite crazazy enough to assault a cop -- and will get off with just a day of community service for an alleged smackdown back in December.

Lane was in court this morning, where the Manhattan DA took the felony charge of assault down to a minor obstruction and harassment charge -- to which Lane plead not guilty. According to the DA, the scratches she made on the NYPD officer in question -- when she also allegedly called the cop "a f***ing dyke" -- didn't rise to the legal definition of physical injury.

"I'm so glad this is over," said Lane. She didn't respond when asked if her next gig might be in wrestling. If Lane stays arrest-free for six months, the case will be dismissed and sealed.