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My Wife'll

Take Care of That

2/25/2008 5:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Les Moonves and his wife, Julie Chen, were leaving Mr. Chow on Saturday night, when the CBS overlord gave a demeaning brush-off to an autograph seeker not once, but twice!

Fortunately for the fan, Mrs. Moonves may have learned some diplomacy skills hosting "Big Brother" as she signed an autograph-- keeping both the fan and her boss hubby in her good graces.


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Julie Chen needs a serious boob-job!!!

2411 days ago


What up

2411 days ago

Lana Caine    

Poor Julie, having to hop in the sack with Les. Once again, money changes everything.

2411 days ago


I wonder if Julie has a sideways woo-woo, 100% Asian girls have sideways woo-woo's.

2411 days ago


LES MOONVES is a jerk!

Too bad JULIE couldn't find a real man to be with...

2411 days ago

He's Boring now    

Why would anyone be shocked at the President of CBS brushing off the little people? He's cut from the same cloth as Leona Helmsley was too...that high society white new york liberal who talk a good game but do nothing to help the "little people".

he's the same scurge that has brought us Katie Couric as a news anchor at a cost to CBS stockholders that has turned into a complete loss...just as his mishandling of the Dan Rather case has.

This man is a news controller...doesnt tell the truth, just the new york times kind of truth native new yorker white elite, want us little people to know.

How many people do you know who hang out at Mr Chows? And you want us to think he knows what people want in the way of news and entertainment?

Nice to know too he dips his which where he works...I thought was not kosher for the top management types. wonder CBS in in the toilet on everything they touch

2411 days ago


Big Brother needs a younger, hotter, less clothes wearing host, what is Julie, in her thirties?

2411 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Perhaps he noticed the pad was TMZ stationary as many autographs found on ebay are on.

2411 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

She sign autograph long time.

2411 days ago


There was a rumer that Julie and Les would beat their dog before they had sex till it started yelping uncontrollably, it was some kind of turn-on or something.

2411 days ago


I never liked Moonves.

2411 days ago


Les bought himself a LBFM, how adorable.

2411 days ago


Les Moonves is a JERK! I know first hand! Back when he was married to "wife before Julie" he was such a jerk to his wife, AND to his kids. His kid had it coming though... he was a spoiled brat! That whole family was miserable on their way to a family vacation. I was SO happy I wasn't going with them. They were bickering the whole time I was around them. Poor Julie!

The way to measure a good man... he's not just nice to you because you're giving him "the goods", he's nice to EVERYONE, including you! Les doesn't fit into this category. Les is ONLY nice to you when he likes you... once he stops liking you, he's going to treat you like crap! He might not even wait until he doesnt like you anymore. Julie, take note.

2411 days ago


tiny is completely right...asian women only care about superficial things like having Jimmy Choo shoes, Coach Bags, Gucci sunglasses.

The saddest thing about asian women is the self-hate they have. Proof of this is that you rarely see them dating inside their own race. I have several ivy league - hedge fund types male asian friends and they get absolutely no love from their own race. Asian chicks would rather date a white 'sanitation engineer' than a asian college grad.

Julie is no different, for the money she is willing to take it up the pooper from this nasty, but filthy rich, white guy.

2411 days ago


I thought Julie was exceptionally nice. It was nice of her to sign those autographs when her husband wouldn't. It was almost like she was embarassed and wanted to try and make up for it.

2411 days ago
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