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Renfro Not Feel Good Enough for Oscar?

2/25/2008 4:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad RenfroSo why did the Academy snub Brad Renfro by not including him in the memoriam? The Academy is pretty much tight as a drum.

A flack tells us a small group of people make extremely difficult choices but refused to say what criteria are used to make those decisions. She added we shouldn't waste our time cause no one would discuss it further.

Could it have something to do with the circumstances surrounding Renfro's death? It's uncomfortable to applaud when an actor dies from an overdose. Of course, exceptions must be made for huge stars who OD. Heath Ledger made the cut.

The red carpet wasn't the only thing that was sanitized last night.


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Couldn't this have been an update on the last post?

2440 days ago


He should have been included for God's sake.

2440 days ago


Oscars are a TV ratings dud
2/25/2008, 12:47 p.m. EST
The Associated Press NEW YORK (AP) — The Oscars are a ratings dud. Nielsen Media Research says preliminary ratings for the 80th annual Academy Awards telecast are 14 percent lower than the least-watched ceremony ever.
Nielsen said Monday that overnight ratings are also 21 percent lower than last year, when "The Departed" was named best picture.

2440 days ago


Who cares, the dude is worm food.

2440 days ago


And you think this is a hot story/issue..................why?

2440 days ago


I'm sure Marilyn Monroe was honored....John Belushi ....Judy Garland...yeah what about them?

2440 days ago


#2, it's been dealt with sicko.

2440 days ago


Instead of owning up to the screw up like adults, they will wait and wait until they get enough backlash from the media and finally admit that they screwed up. This could all be avoided if they grew a pair and admitted they screwed up now.

2440 days ago


Oh my God, are you going to dwell on this for a week? He was a no-talent hack who couldn't be happy with what he had, and needed to destroy his own life by using drugs. He had a very small fan base, and not too many people are sympathetic to a guy who willingly screwed up his own life. MOVE ON!!!!!

2440 days ago

how dumb    

This kind of stuff happens all the time, and its really unfair. If Heath Ledger was mentioned, then THIS gentleman should have been honored also. What... Renfro used HARDER drugs so he doesn't get an honor like Heath did?

When I was in high school, a popular senior was killed joyriding on his motorcycle (no helmet, speeding around and crashed). During that same week, a mentally disabled student died (resulting from his illness). While both names were announced to the school, a memorial was only held for the popular senior. In fact, the rest of the week was devoted to honoring his memory. NOTHING was ever said again about the disabled student who died... he was simply forgotten No big deal was made about him at all. That disgusted me then, and this disgusts me now.

2440 days ago


Wah Wah Wah!!! The powers that be with the Oscars didn't remember Brad Renfro during their memorium, Boo (explitive) Hoo!!! They didn't mention alot of people in the memorium, where are the ticker tape parades for those lost souls. The fact that you blood sucking leaches can sit there and compare one persons death to anothers and then apply some scale to rate them even in your own mind just goes to show how deranged and depraved many of you out there really are, Shame On All Of You!!! But then again, for all of you directly linked to the estate and/or family of Mr. Brad Renfro stand to profit to whatever degree on his untimely yet all too common death so it totally makes sence why you log on, stand up and preach his memory. MONEY!!! Pathetic, by the way, just a quid pro quo??? You've had the time to advocate his memory, where the hell were you when he was jacken that poison into his body? (my opinion, waiting outside the door, hoping to hear the body drop and the $$$ jingle) Good Luck To You All, You Will Obviously Need It!!!!!

2440 days ago


# 6 zombiehands - exactly! thank you for taking the words out of my mouth... maybe it was the manner in which he died, but Hollywood has no problem cashing in on people no matter what lengths and sacrifices people go through, ie depressions, addictions they may have, but yet when they are gone, they are simply "left out" or even forgotten. Isn't Elvis still one of the biggest celebrity names ever? Renfro, even though overdosing on illegal drugs unlike Heath, was still an Actor and if there was one thing he wanted to be remembered by, was that, and they totally friggin screwed him over w/out the pleasure of intercourse. i think it's sad, shameful and appaulling, and the Academy should hear about it.

2440 days ago


In the Academy's elistist way....Renfro wasn't a big enough star.

2440 days ago


Yes, he should have been included. Nuff Said.

2440 days ago


I didn't see Roy Scheider (sp) mentioned either (from JAWS)???

2440 days ago
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